EnvMaps/ Reflections?

Is there a way to do environmental maps or reflections in BGE?
How do I make an alpha map work in bge?

i think so, http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Manual/Environment_Maps

There is also the flip option in a texture that in BGE reverses how the image looks based on the changing camera angle, which simulates a reflection.

In the UV/Image Editor - from the Image menu - select ‘Realtime Texture Mapping’ and then Reflection… looks very nice.
Also available in materials under the ‘Map Input’ tab as ‘Refl’

alright…I just wasnt hitting the option in the uv-editor :slight_smile:


Another question ^^
How do I make an alpha map work in bge?

There is a button in UV map window that you can use to display alpha in real time
Furthermore, you need an image with alpha channel in it

However, make sure that when you add that transparency texture in blender material, there is a button called “Enable Alpha” that you need to switch on.
Buttons window -> Texture -> (set up your image) -> Under Map Image panel -> “Use Alpha”

Before use hit P, make sure that you are running BGE in GLSL mode.
done… :slight_smile: