Eon - 3D scene

hello amigos. as a few select know, there’s a challenge underway at cgsociety. I’m entering into the 3d scene section, and the illustration section. So far I’ve got a little concept modelling done. nothing crazy, but once I modelling everything in detail, it’s gonna be sweet.

Here’s my 3d pre-visualization so far.


A little confusing, and there isn’t much for you guys to comment on right now, but I appreciate you looking.

i’ll update you guys as the modelling process gets underway. mebbe post some of my talentless city sketches.

Insert stuff to get sense of scale.

hmm, i don’t get what you mean? Do you mean that the scene needs more objects that show how big it is? Once I finish modelling I think that a proper sense of scale will be applied to everything.

I think what Joeri means is that the viewer doesn’t know if he/she is looking at a tiny machine or a huge building. A sense of scale is provided by having common object of known size and that scene doesn’t have any. A person, chair, or automobile for example would put everything else in scale. Interestingly, if the image were truely 3D, in the sense of being stereoscopic, then the scale would be determined by the distance between the two cameras (left-right) in relation to the objects. The realtive scale of common objects would be secondary to the size information provided by stereopsis.

you could also benefit from a wider angle lense i think. the layered building is too dominating and kind of kills all opportunity for great depth, it’d be nice to see more things beyond it…

Stereo3d: OK, Gotcha. Scale shouldn’t be a problem, because I’m going to take traitors advice on the scale building, and add more to the scene, and i’ve also been planning since the very beginning to have a mobile object on the runway (probably a hover).

traitor: Great advice, I’m gonna take it, I’ll pull the building down a bit, add a skyline, and maybe a giant skycraper, I dunno, I’ll have to give it some thought.

crazy! this was one of my favorite books! I thought it would make a great movie years ago. are they actually making it a movie? kind of hard to see where your going with this so far. I will watch this thread though good luck

Oh yeah, man, it’s totally in the works. Check it out, Eonmovie.com is already registered, and the contest is up and running on CGsociety with some sweet prizes, so I would say that it’s gonan happen. Eon is a great book, btw. I picked it up from the library and I can’t put it down.

Update: Got the modelling for the clock done. May be revisions, but it’s supposed to be relatively simple, I don’t want it distracting too much from the rest of the scene. Also added a simple little hover vehicle on the track. It doesn’t even look like one, I know, but it reminds me that I need to create a hover vehicle, so whatevah.

I know it’s hard to see what’s happening right now, but once I finish the modelling it will make more sense, I promise.

why dont u just render it??? not post screenies

vitaliy: Because the lighting and texturing aren’t set up. It would look pretty much the same. Once I get past modelling, I’ll start actually rendering stuff, but if the output is the same, I might just as well save myself 15 minutes. :wink:

well not much to comment on atm, but Good luck!

I’ll be posting my first step this weekend probably!

So you’re going for the 3d scene entry (4-8second anim) ? or the illustration? As far as the rules go, you can’t enter both category with the same piece of work. Both entry need to be VERY different (as the rule clearly state)

Just don’t know where you are going right now, but maybe you should, as suggested, add a few “temporary” details to help us view the size of the stuff :wink:

Looking forward to seeing your first milestone… And owning it… Kiddin, kiddin. It’s gonna be awesome to run up against a Blender veteran like you.

I’m planning on entering this into the 3d scene section. I entered the illustration section also, and if I actual end up working with something in there, it will be 100% GIMP, or paint.net, depending on which I prefer, and it will be most different from this entry, so no worries. :wink:

Update: From now on, I’ll be posting renders, with scaled objects, so you guys understand where I’m coming from. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yay a blender entry. I have a count on cgtalk and usually lurk around there. Too bad I haven’t read the book. Are you going to animate it?