Ephestos : a new Programming Language and Development Enviroment for Blender

an early release of Ephestos is available.

Ephestos is a socket communication tool for Pharo that gives access to Blender Python. This bridge is language agnostic and can work with other programming languages. Its only demand is client streamsocket with byte data at the side of the language that communicates with Blender python.

Pharo is a modern implementation of Smalltalk. Smalltalk is visual live coding enviroment. Smalltalk is a programming language , IDE and live enviroment. Live coding is the ability to code an application while it runs with no need to restart the application on an error. Visual coding is achieved with the use of GUI IDE tools and code also can be represented using graphical elements called “morphs”.

Pharo can be found here


Ephestos addon can be found here

The pharo side of Ephestos can be found here


The following videos demonstrate basic usage of Ephestos

Ephestos is still a work in progress but already useful giving access to both BPY properties and operator, python globals and python libraries.

documentation can be found here --> https://www.gitbook.io/book/kilon/ephestos

It will keep updating with latest features implemented in Ephestos.