EPIC BATTLE GAME (EBG Has gone commercial)

I’m going to start off by saying: we ALL love 2d games. We all loved the golden gaming age, and we frequently reminisce of those old games by playing most of the classics on our computers using emulators.

Well in an epic attempt to bring you guys back to that time period (with a modern twist) I’m in the process of creating “EPIC BATTLE GAME”.

It’s a 2.5D sidescroller/top-down/isometric styled game (it changes frequently). You’ll play through levels that closely resemble (due to copyright infringement I won’t be able to resemble exactly.) classic mario brothers/mario world levels, the classic top down zelda levels, pac man, tetris, sonic, etc. You’ll be battling all the classic baddies we’ve all come to love as you try and conquer the land of pixels.

The graphics will be very realistic looking 3d graphics, although when you start entering various “Worlds”, the graphics may decrease till the levels look like giant pixels (and the enemies are very pixelated looking, like classic 8 bit graphics blown up).

Now let’s get down to the actual development on it so far :slight_smile:

Current state: Pre-Production

Character Concept art
15 environment objects
Basic Level Layout for the “Overworld”

Obviously I have a TON to do, and can’t show off a ton of screenshots and stuff yet… but Here’s a little teaser of the graphics style :wink:

I’ll be posting new progress periodically, I just wanted to startup a thread to get some criticism/inspiration/ideas.

Thanks for reading my (kinda?) long post :slight_smile:

Nice start, if you need help just ask.

I like the idea and graphics

Here’s a concept for a background (there will be multiple background tiles for each level that will appear at random, just like all the older games :slight_smile: )


looks nice, would be a fun game :slight_smile:

Only one thing - try to finish it, and I really don’t mean to be rude. Starting a game that lasts a month or two seems to be most people’s habit.


There’s awesome games that get abandoned, it’s called life. I currently am finishing up 12th grade (finally done with school!) and work 30+ hours a week + freelance work and iPhone game development. I hope I get to finish it aswell. I don’t have too much freetime to blend with (this is the first time I’ve been on blender in a long time), but I’ll try to find some time.

Here’s a concept for my character. Inspired by a few characters I found on deviantart a while back. Next up: Texturing him!

He’s only 916 polys! Which is fairly low poly for me :slight_smile:


If its 916 triangles than it is truely low poly. If not, Blender can still handle it. You could save a few poly’s and a little time texturing if you use alpha maped planes for those rings on top of his head.

Nice model.

Is there any way that someone like me could help you
Make this game? I have about a year and a half of modeling experience and I’m good at making things low poly :slight_smile:

Are you joking? My “low poly” characters are usually about 3-7k polys with multiple 1024x1024 (sometimes 2048x2048) texture maps. In modern games they have characters that are well over 20k polys.

From my experience with blender I’ll have no problem running a character under a thousand polys.

Thanks :slight_smile:

fpsgod: Not sure. Would you like to help out? I usually work solo, but getting a little team together might not be a bad idea either :slight_smile:

What would you like to help with (environment, characters, etc)?

I like the character,it s very cool, and I love platform games, I was playing limbo last night and man, that game is awesome.
Aniway 916 polygons is very lowpoly for me too im making a character for a game project that im on, and it have 20.000 squares so far, but I ll decrease the polycount later.

Thanks! Here’s a concept color scheme for him (obviously only diffuse map so far, next I’ll add normal, spec, and AAO). I still have to do a layout of the helmet.

I have to keep reminding myself that I won’t have the forgiveness of just a sidescroller, because I’ll be using him in this game for all of the levels (and remember, there’ll be top-down, iso, etc).

Well, let me know what you think of the colors so far :slight_smile:



Not sure if I’m going to be adding a normal map to him… I’m going to start working on more objects to determine the actual style of the game before I go making him realistic… I kinda like his look :slight_smile:


I think you should fill in his eyes, and make them completely blue. Then again that’s just my personal feeling on the matter. Otherwise, he looks pretty good. Nice low-poly-ness to him.

Since im not working on any projects of my own right now, this would be something fun for me to do, so yes, i would love to help make this game :slight_smile: I could make the environment props ( whatever else you haven’t modeled yet). Im also good at texturing.

Yeah I was contemplating making them solid, but I thought it might look kinda weird. I think they’ll look better once I add a illumination map and halos to them.

Fpsgod: Can you PM me a link to your folio?

Why make a sidescroller when you could move the camera right up next to the character? That is why lego star wars failed, It looked amazing but the camera got very tiresome.

What do you mean?

First off it’s a sidescroller because it’s basically a remake of the old sidescrollers but with 3d graphics.

Here’s me playing around with some animation :slight_smile: walk cycle is pretty shitty, but the run cycle isn’t too bad.

3 animations down, 1239128320 to go. lmao