Epic Battle scene (11/13: Characters Rigged)

Here is my latest work, well test.

‘Project Tens of Thousands’


This is the outcome of fooling around with paths :wink:

(Sorry about the bad quality. but I had trouble uploading it, and this is the best I could do.)

The light is too streaky. What are the marching things? How did you do it?

…this could go somewhere…

wow it would be nice to see it more than 256 colors. :-?

Well the light looks better in true color then 15 colors (yup, 15 total colors, realy limited cell phone connection :frowning: ).

For the test the marchers are 4-polygon triangles, but really they are horse riders.

And to “how did you do it”:
just a few Duplivert groups that follow Bezier Curve paths.

…this could go somewhere…

Yes, yes it could :wink:

I made this ‘test’ to see if I could get large numbers of units to “flow” using Curve Paths.

I drew-up the story board over a couple of days, and this is essentially the final sceen, 23 total, should be about 90mins. long.

Wish me luck :wink:

sounds ambitious. so who’s gonna be marching? Romans? Orcs? um…?

Good luck!


Well, think Lord Of The Rings,
the horse riders (the triangles in the test)
are the Men of the East, others are the bad guys (a mass of creatures that will be made up by me :wink: )
Others are Men of the West, Elvs, Dwarfs, Rangers, Barbarians, a huge mammoth creature, and others that are hard to name :wink:

I guess I’ll get started on some more tests…

Don’t forget to use blenderpeople :wink:

nice job :slight_smile:

  • Bentagon

Blender People website, check it out:


…should be about 90mins. long

Sorry about that, I ment to say 90SECONDS :expressionless:
It’s an action sceen so 90 ticks is good stuff… :wink:

Thanks Bentagon,
BlenderPeople looks like somthing I could use :slight_smile:

And Thanks for the link mr_rob:
Had no idea what Bentagon was talking about until you gave it :wink:

Anyway, Today I have been modeling a Beast (a good beast :wink: )
Modeling the creases with polys sure is hard…I’ll show it tomorrow if any one still cares…

Hey O,

Thought ‘Lord of the Rings’ as soon as i saw it.
Dunno much about the technical side, numbers of colours and such, but i do think the lighting itself IS great, the angle, the placing, very dramatic, liked the animation path too.
Whole thing strikes me as something a bit different, well done you - and good luck with the next stages :slight_smile:

hmmm…cant say much now…but i thought it was a bridge with ants…hehehe

i like what i see :D, its gd m8 can’t wait to see the final outcome

OK, thanks guys, I can’t wait to see the finished project, too :smiley:
Glad to see poeple still care :wink:

Now, I have been working hard on that Beast Creature Hero Model, it’s not an animation, but it’s all part of the process, right? :wink:

—Can’t show it just yet, still working on those textures…

OK, finaly have a presentable model of the beast, so here it is, the Troll Mammoth.


I still have plenty of things to do: armor, and stuff like that…

Good work thus far, but I hope you fix that beasts face. It looks like it was made with Play-Doh. The skin texture is good, but should be much less shiny.

Keep at it and keep us posted. :smiley:

Here is the update, armored, and ready for battle.


Next up: the Goblins that ride it :wink:

—I know about the shinyness, but I’m going to wait before I tweak it—

I gotta be blunt: the face bugs me. Stretch it out. It needs a snout. A round head with a flat face is unnatural, even for middle earth. Then give it armor over the face to cover up the problems. Give the armor some vicious spikes. This guy is too cutesy. And turn down the spec.

I really do hope you improve this model because I really am eager to see this project and I want it to turn out good. Keep at it and keep us posted.

A round head with a flat face is unnatural, even for middle earth.

Well, remember the Cave Troll? (round head, only nostrils)
It’s a Troll Mammoth, get it?

Here is a front shot, and low spec, it just might clear it up…