Epic blender kickstarter project

Hi all you epic blender fans!

I’ve been using the blender engine for an entire decade! It’s time to give back to the community.

Using blender as my source graphic design and animations, I’m on a quest to creating the best free medieval game for all media devices!

A simple game that you can play for free…but before this happens I absolutely need your support!

This video explains at least 50% of everything you need to know about this game.

Epic Game Demo Here:

Epic Video Here:

Epic Kickstarter Here:



Honestly Corey, the kickstarter page is a bit lackluster, your website even more so (doesn´t give much confidence). Didn´t check the video because I´m at work and they frown on streaming media… but the page doesn´t pop at me. I´ll check again when I come home, maybe the video redeems it…

It’s pretty good, so far. Could you make the camera move with the arrow keys? And maybe have a zoom function?

Excellent I was planning on adding this zoom function in of course! for the pc I think that’s a great idea for the arrow keys! Thanks for that! I hadn’t thought of it because there aren’t any keys android devices but definitely a good idea for the pc or mac! Definitely going to put your name in the credits. As well as others!

Thanks for the reply! I’m pretty sure the video will enlighten things a lot better! I agree my website does not look appealing at all, I had created it in a day just to have a spot for the game to be played. Definitely will spend more time on it! Thanks for the response!

Added in arrow key movement, check it out :slight_smile:

Epic Video Here:
Sorry, I managed about 5 secs before I had to close the page.

Not a lot of choice in the rewards !


  • Select this reward

Pledge $2 or more

0 backers
For your amazing support, your name will be placed under the game credits!

Estimated delivery:Mar 2016

  • Select this reward

Pledge $1,000 or more

0 backers Limited (8 left of 8)
Donator will be deemed king! Designed and modeled into the game as the designated king to defeat in order to conquer the world.

Estimated delivery:Mar 2016

You therefore need at least 5000 people to back you which is pushing it.

On your website I also get this error message

Sorry, Google Chrome can’t run this app
You are using Google Chrome that does not support the Unity Web Player plugin needed to run this app.
We recommend using another browser, such as Internet Explorer, Firefoxor Opera.

You really needed to have put more planning in ahead of starting the kickstarter, you need to make the most of those 30 days and not waste them trying to fix/add things you’ve not thought of beforehand

What do you recommend I could ad for more backers? :slight_smile:

Also was my voice too annoying for the video? haha

No-one is going to give you $1000.
Be honest and think how many actual backers you expect to get, then you know the average amount of cash you need to squeeze from them (in addition to additional cost of supplying rewards etc)

Be creative with the rewards.
A name in the credits ! No-one reads the credits in games
Do you have different characters ? Have someones name / caricature in the game
Supply all kinds of branded tat (stickers, mugs t-shirts, the usual crap given away with kickstarter)
Original artwork
Exclusive levels / characters
etc etc
You’re supposed to be creative, start being so

I saw a guy had done the 1000$ for some game, i dont know what it was called, some people actually invested I was like wahh! XD I cant really put anything physical as reward because then it defeats the purpose to raise any money.

As a person I don’t care about the credits either but! I do know that it feels good to have your name in the credits. The positive feeling is there, Ill leave the credits option in there. Maybe there’s something I can do about a 20$ reward…It’ s difficult because the game is free, I can just easily say that hey get it for free! but it wouldn’t make any sense haha.

How about the gameplay, what would you like to see change/add/remove. This is the important part for me. Maybe not that the money is that much of an issue, it will just slow me down in the process since I have a day job as an app developper.

Let me know! I love reading your comments! :slight_smile:

Model something cool and then make it 3d printed, make sure it’s tiny, cheap and cool.

like a little keychain, or a prop.

subtract it from your final goal amount.

also- I have made this for years and don’t consider it ready to kick start yet.

Find what makes your game unique, and make sure it’s damn fun,

I hate all the steam greenlight pollution with terrible, should have been crumpled up and thrown away
first projects. (I rebooted my own project 4 times).

BluePrintRandom: thanks for the advice, that is a good one for sure! although I;m not sure where I can get a 3D printer, maybe ill rent one. And you’re right there’s a lot of trash out there on steam…I’m not putting anything on there, until I know the game is good.

Also I know some things aren’t well made like the website, the main focus is the game, not the website. The website is just a place to play the demo.

BluePrintRandom: thanks for the advice, that is a good one for sure! although I;m not sure where I can get a 3D printer, maybe ill rent one. And you’re right there’s a lot of trash out there on steam…I’m not putting anything on there, until I know the game is good. Love your video demo! Looks like a lot of work when into it! Well done Mate!

Also I know some things aren’t well made like the website, the main focus is the game, not the website. The website is just a place to play the demo.

You write on kickstarter: “we’ve made hundreds of games in the past”

Why is it hard to find any of those games? Sounds like false advertisment… and thats the worst you can do for a campaign…

I’m terribly sorry I should’ve posted a link to the work that I’ve done! I didn’t think people would actual want to see the entire list of games haha. Here is it below :slight_smile:


I count about twenty games on that list. Far from “hundreds”

You describe the game as “relaxing and intense” which at least to me sound like two more or less mutually exclusive properties.

You are also using copyrighted material for advertising your game in the video. On at least one of the pictures you show, you can actually see the copyright sign.

In general the video is a bit too intense, you talk too fast and flail your arms around all the time while you have memes flashing on the screen. You only have about 5 seconds of gameplay.

To summarize: You should think more carefully what kind of a picture you want to give of yourself before going on kickstarter. This all seems like you one day got an idea about how you could make money off kickstarter and then immediately threw everything together in an hour and put it on the site.

As far as the game goes, it’s pretty decent. I’ll play it more. I didn’t think about this, but maybe you should also do WASD camera movement, as well as arrow keys?

I’ll go play this more thoroughly.

Well you wanted a bigger list, here’s a bigger list

Sweet Shop Tower(Unity Engine)
Ace Track Legend(Unity Engine)
Air Force One Domination(Unity Engine)
Ninja Panda 3(Unity Engine)
APG Backflips(Unity Engine)
APG Episode(Unity Engine)
APG Horizontal Bar(Unity Engine)
APG Horizontal Bar(Xmas)(Unity Engine)
AP Mermaid(Unity Engine)
AP Block Bust(Unity Engine)
AP Coloring Book(Unity Engine)
AP Twin(Unity Engine)
AP Twist(Unity Engine)
AP Ice Queen: https(Unity Engine)
AP Dance Party(Unity Engine)
Bubble Pong(Unity Engine)
Domino Block Fall(Unity Engine)
Exploding Kegs(Unity Engine)
Dots Together Match 3(Unity Engine)
GreedyGregg(Blender Engine)
Frog Backflips(Unity Engine)
Ninja Princess(Unity Engine)
Frog Princess(Unity Engine)
Age of Epic(Unity Engine)
Mobile Hero Legion of Saints(Unity Engine)
Fantasy Land(Unity Engine)
Sea cretures(Blender Engine)
Monts Online(MMORPG) Attempt 1(Blender Engine)
Monts Online(MMORPG) Attempt 2(Blender Engine)
Monts Online(MMORPG) Attempt 3(Blender Engine)
Monts Online(MMORPG) Attempt 4(Unity Engine)
Monts Adventures(Blender Engine)
Monts Adventures(Unity Engine)
Map Generator(Blender Engine)
FPS Halo Remake(Blender Engine)
Map Creator(Unity Engine)
Dingy 64(Unity Engine)
Dingy’s Journey(Unity Engine)
Space Station Sillicon Valley(Unity Engine)
Conquer’s bad fur day Capture the flag(Unity Engine)
Jinjo Capture the flag(Online)(Unity Engine)
Storyboard(Blender Engine)
Storyboard(Unity Engine)
Keep Talking and nobody explodes(Wire Block Cracker)(Unity Engine)
Dungeon Defenders(Unity Engine)
Bomberman Remake(Blender Version)
Bomberman Remake(Unity Version)
.Map Creator(Python)
Messenger text(Blender Version)
Messenger text(Unity Version)
Tightrope Mayhem(Unity Engine)
Castle Edge(Blender Engine)
DanceTechniquesApp(Unity Engine)
KaliDanceStudioApp(Unity Engine)
Runescape Auto Clicker(Python)
Twisted Python Server/Client Practice(Python)
Banjo Threeie Fan Project(Unity Engine)
Banjo Online(Unity Engine)
Imaging Color Book(Python)
Bubble Blast Game(Unity Engine)
Bubble Blast Creator(Unity Engine)
Tank Design(Unity Engine)
Dance Competition(Unity Engine)
Empire Earth Remake(Unity Engine)
Send Messages TCP(Python)
Send Messages UDP(Python)
Notification Sender(Unity Engine)
Panel Rack(Python)
TCIMusicEditor(Unity Engine)
Super Smash Bros Anile(Unity Engine)
Executable Compiler(Python)
Drag and drop Uploader(Javascript)
ThunderText(Unity Engine)
Runescape Runite Checker(Python)
Easy Window Controller(Unity Engine)
SSSV Onine(Unity Engine)
SSSV Flag Game(Unity Engine)
Infinite Mail Runner(Unity Engine)
Youtube Video/Audio Downloader(Python)
BizinthehoodApp(Unity Engine)
Bird Switch(Unity Engine)
Bubble Crush Santa(Unity Engine)
Dot Game(Unity Engine)
SilliconValleyHD(Unity Engine)
TopDownSpaceScroller(Unity Engine)
Monts Messenger(Blender Engine)
Diddy Kong Racing(Remake)(Blender Engine)
APG Ice Queen Gymnastics(Unity Engine)
Mood Changer(Unity Engine)
APG Balance Beam(Unity Engine)
Mario Kart Hack(python)
APG Jump Rope(Unity Engine)
APG Sky Run(Unity Engine)
Minion Defence(Unity Engine)
Flappy Bird Remake(Unity Engine)
Capture The Flag(Unity Engine)
Monts Online Map Creator Remake(Unity Engine)
Periodic Table Game(Unity Engine)
Pokemon Color Remake(Unity Engine)
Cinematic Generator(Unity Engine)
Corey Tools(Software)(Python)
Cinematic Generator(Software)(Python)
Structural Steel Load Design(Unity Engine)
Structural Steel Load Design(Python)
Website Game Physics Engine(Javascript)
Dingy’s Defence(Unity Engine)
Image Compactor(Python)
Low Poly Mesh Wave Generator(Unity Engine)
MarioKart Hack Map Importer(Python)
Dance Studio Tech(Unity Engine)
Cat and Dog(ActionScript)
Leekor Website project List Loader(Javascript)
FTP Site(Python)
Easy Audio Controller(Unity Engine)
Asteroid Remake(Unity Engine)

If you want a bigger list than this, Ill have to setup my second computer, more project files in there to check out, also my third laptop has some stuff on there, Plenty of evidence, name any game in this list and ill send a screenshot/link/or video. Case closed

Regards Corey S.

I just meant that if you haven’t made hundreds of games, don’t say you have.

That just seems like a list of all your projects. Many duplicates and things that do not sound like games (FTP Site, Image Compactor, Messenger Text etc.).

My point is: focus on quality, not quantity.

Practice makes perfect :slight_smile: make the same thing more than once means more experience(Quantity = Experience) which means I know what i’m doing. Take out the duplicate practice projects and you still have a gigantic list, you want more?