Epic Games buys minority stake in SideFX

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Epic Games Invests in SideFX

Posted Nov. 13, 2020

We’re happy to share an exciting update: Epic Games is now a minority investor in SideFX. In Epic, SideFX gains a strong partner whose passion for the industry closely aligns with ours.

Kim Davidson remains the majority owner of SideFX, as well as President and CEO. He continues his strong, unwavering commitment to SideFX’s staff, customers, and partners.

SideFX and Epic are both committed to SideFX continuing its work with other industry partners - including all other content creation applications and game engines. This new development will have no impact at all on the Houdini development roadmap, as SideFX will continue to define its own path as an industry-leading procedural 3D platform for the film, TV, advertising and games sectors.

Epic is becoming a major force in the 3d, games, and VFX landscape.

It’s quite obvious to me that Epic was trying to buy SideFX outright and Kim Dawson simply wasn’t selling. This is what they both agreed to and it will yield some pretty substantial changes and advantages to the Unreal platform vs. their competitors.

From SideFX’s side, this is a win for them as they cement themselves as the “official” Unreal CG development platform.

I wish I’d be more excited about this news, but unfortunately after spending several months using Unreal and evaluating its potential as a filmmaking tool, I ultimately concluded that for my specific needs and workflow Blender EEVEE is better.

Sounds like the new Autodesk. :wink:

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