Epic Games supports Blender Foundation with $1.2 million Epic MegaGrant


Hey kids, we will eat tonight.


OMG :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

As long as Blender does not become an Epic exclusive…:wink:


How this donation could be related to interactive mode?


That is great news, I can see Epic willing to send that amount of money Blender’s way since the BF is not interested in competing directly with UE4 (as they would be doing if they revived and enhanced the BGE).

I can also see why Epic is interested because a lot of future UE4 users may find Blender as the only 3D DCC app. they can afford (in these days of strict EULA’s and rental-only pricing models).


They want to afford because game devs can pump more money into unreal

Probably not at all, Epic is much more interested in other DCC platforms to import content into their game engine.

Epic already spent millions building a game engine, why would they do it again?

Tim Sweeney is truly a great guy, pumping all the Fortnite money back into artists and developers.

Blender Foundation currently gets around $42,200/month, allowing them to hire 7 developers fulltime and one part time. That’s about as much, if not more than during Code Quest. Epic Games has just prepaid Blender Foundation to continue the development at the same pace for the next 2.4 years :slight_smile: (Without including the actual monthly donations from the supporters)


Judging from the article, it looks like the grant money is slated for three things mainly.

  1. Help obtain new developers from increased on-boarding efforts
  2. Improve project management in general
  3. Improve code quality.

So not all of it will go into features, enhancements, and tools, but the less shiny things that are essential for projects like Blender to thrive.


I never said I expect it to all go into new features. In fact, I’d like much of it to go into existing, UE4 related ones :slight_smile: For selfish reasons, since I use Blender mainly to create assets for UE4. I’d like to see proper FBX and GLTF importer/exporter, that doesn’t do weird things with transforms and works reliably. Even that alone would make me much happier.

I really hope mainly for better Blender <-> UE4 interop :slight_smile:


Hey guys! This is big!

Good news. What is the catch? Where are the strings?

Whoa, this is quite impressive. I’d say: spend a part of it to accelerate the merge of the Sculpt Mode Features branch into the Master build. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


If you read about the Epic Games Mega Fund, they’re interested in giving string-free grants to anyone who wants to improve the open source ecosystem surrounding Unreal Engine, but also things like Blender that are valuable in their own right without a specific connection to Epic or UE4.

So really having a strong Blender is a good thing for game development in general and I don’t think there are any strings attached.

Epic has $100,000,000.00 to give away, and anyone can apply for grants to do stuff that’s in line with the goals that they put the fund together for.

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I think those game companies make money with inventing game ideas, using their engines, and using content.

So getting improvements for content creation is great for them, they’re a big studio and maybe realize that Blender is used by a lot of interns ?, (perhaps) so why not give it some love. Overall to them a growing 3d awarness is good, the can render and gamefy it.

There is no risk i think for other engines to them even an improved BGE doesnt create what those guys can create. I think in the long term this is a investment for the whole 3d industry, much alike GSOC while google isnt in 3d

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I think I shall start Dancing! :smile:

Let me understand this - will it build EXEs, which can be used with things like Stadia (not Stadia alone , hopefully - Does Anyone Know? :smile: ), or will it export to web, or both? Does this mean the end of Verge3D?

i read this on the blog post.

Thanks to the grant we will make a significant investment in our project organization to improve on-boarding, coordination and best practices for code quality.

& also Ton tweeted this part.

investing it specifically in the quality of our software development projects.

so it seems there is an agreement that have been made before hand, i hope there is no resctrictions from epic games to what projects this money should go to, but if it means hiring more devs to work on blender in general then i guess ,at least a bigger team :slight_smile:



Awesome! Now Blender Foundation will be able to bring Apple Metal support to Blender just as Epic do in Unreal.