Epic Games supports Blender Foundation with $1.2 million Epic MegaGrant

Hey Pixar, your move…

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The USD support will be a huge news for the blender as Ton said !! Fbx will die in the feature as major company’s already moving in to pixar USD which is open source!!


Some info on it.

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Towards the OpenMovie discussion.
Blender success was mostly made through these.

An logical next step could be an realtime movie with some baked content to reach a never seen quality.

Animation, Cycles. Bake and EEVEE would massively profit.
whats important to get lots of next generation game and film people on board.

Then an interaktive realtime movie, complete USD together with Pixar.)


Well, at least we would get the Blender logo on the doors…

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a grant with implied incentives to real time reflections support is reasonable:

Nvidia wins more customers the more people can do with their fancy GPU features and proprietary libraries, and AMD is fighting it with investments on open development (OpenCL and, if memory serves me right, Vulkan received a push from them not too long ago).

And everyone wins in the end: it’s good marketing that spreads on CG AND gamedev news sites (maybe game news site like gameindustry.biz and gematsu and “game” “news” sites like kotaku and polygon), enables more features and uses on the sponsor’s hardware, makes the software more and more solid for people that want to start with 3d modeling/sculpt/rendering/texture paiting/material creation/animation/compositing (sometimes i forgot how many things blender can do), which in turn creates products that uses these improvements and it generates a small demand for more hardware.

And many advertisiement campaigns can go WAY over a million dollars with less reach and risk of backlash depending of how aggressive it is

The funny thing is that more money doesn’t equal to more quality. For example Firefox has become pretty bad recently even with all those resources and money they have. Also, I think money has became a kind of problem in addons, when some feature is withheld from Blender, because it is a $ addon.

I don’t even see a lot of what I would call quality development in Blender both in UI design and code quality. It’s ok I guess, but nothing special.

This is wrong, devs can add what they want to Blender, addons devs will not complain about that.
Check Pablo’s blue print work or his Sculpt branch.


Yes… I guess so… but strangely things like default asset/material library is still missing from Blender when it should have been a high priority. And I think assets are typical addons for Blender. Just asking a question.

They work on it since years, it’s up to them to finish it and it should be available in 2.81 I think.
Asset management addons will still have more options, so, no issue on devs adding addons features in Blender.

A more complete blender is always a good thing.

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What happened to “call for content” we heard about long time ago. I thought 2.80 was supposed to ship with a bunch of easy to get started content; base meshes, simple models for interior and exterior, model containing hard surface principled, basic humanoids, materials and libraries.

I don’t think they did a call for content on assets. The design task is here. AFAIK it’s still planned, but is waiting on the asset manager.

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I wish this will start the “Blender Open Game” series :purple_heart:

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I think it’s a bigger problem we realize, when you are thinking it from “open source” perspective. Then again, open source as an ideology has been questionable to say the least. Many of these large open source projects are practically working like a commercial project, just in more abstract way.

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Not sure if it isn’t posted somwhere already but

Doesn’t say anything about specific amount of fund but I suppose it is not gonna be just an gold badge eh?


link is not working ? just for me ?

Not just you… the post doesn’t seem to be there right now.

Here is archive link:

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