Epic Games supports Blender Foundation with $1.2 million Epic MegaGrant

OpenMovies are like demos on demo scene. They are here to satisfy Ton’s muse. More like sand in the eyes.

Again… tru freedom comes with C++ API - then we’ll see how good-hearted & smart they really are?

For now, it’s just politics! And the last chance to get in b-chrypto, before the shit hits the fan.

Are you ok?

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Lol, more than you!

The film from tangent did that.

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The concept is good, my problem with it is that they’re focusing solely on movies, not on games. It would be nice to see them do a project with Blender and with Unreal, Unity or Godot.


More than fine, just tired of major delusions. Enjoy it while you can.

To give some background on why investing on areas besides new features is important.

The last year I have been doing management for the most part, to actually bring the 2.80 release that was started years ago to completion. As a result, no major new features were added to Cycles, not even from other developers because there was no time for code review. With this we’ve been able to hire Nathan and Dalai to take over management, and a direct result of that will be new features in Cycles in following releases.

There are other tasks like bug triaging, writing documentation, development infrastructure, maintaining servers that are taking away significant time from developers. Reducing the workload there will lead to more time or developers to actually improve Blender. Already with this grant the we’ve also been able to hire someone to do full time bug triaging rather than part time.

And then there is the lack of time to handle new features brought by contributors, who will often do the do the initial implementation but not help out with bug fixing, code reviews, refactoring or documentation. That is often the reason those features don’t go in quickly, because adding a feature leads to additional work for which there is no funding. And this grant is intended to help with that problem.


sure you’re right … (joke)
Meanwhile, at the time, I convinced my national TV maker of documentaries to let me use blender in production showing him Big Bucks Bunny …

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this is great news. I sincerely hope that Blender will be able to handle MUCH higher polycounts then it can now. Without this I fear that it will not be able to compete with Maya/Max/Houdini etc.

More focus on game-related tools is also much welcome although most of the tools are actually already out there in the form of add-ons. What we need right now is stability and speed (im looking at you CTRL - Z undo nightmare xD)


Whaouuuuuu !!!

Meanwhile I used Blender since years on commercials, tv series etc.

Useless fight!

Check what was added to blender from the last 2 open movies, you will see, not so much.
Meanwhile Tangent film is on Netflix and companies know blender can make real movie, not only small open movies.


I don’t want to start a debate on this.
it’s a stupid thing to do.
Open Movie have been useful for the promotion of blender itself, for fundraising, for user tutorials and for testing new features. to make blender stable.
blender 2.80 was a bit of an exception for the great revolution.
But once the pace of minor releases is resumed, the openmovies will continue to have the role they have had so far … the fact remains that things will be expanded, as is already happening …
One thing does not exclude the other.
I don’t understand this habit of cutting or replacing methods that have always worked.
The world is expanding, this means adding activity, exponentially, if the community can afford it …


to be real frank I think this 1.2 million grant is very much on the low side! EPIC games has literally made billions with just Fortnite itself. This is not to sound ungrateful but from a business perspective I think this is just a small time investment to see if the Blender Foundation can reach a higher potential. I expect a much bigger investment within a few years.


For epic games this fund it’s quite generous
Look there is a company’s like Google that it’s way bigger than epic and they didn’t grant any huge pay check on blender foundation instead they donate 1500$ per month which for the size of Google it’s just a joke and especially for a company that loves open source lol

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to be honest there are also Google Gsoc’s for a long time …

To all the folks dumping cold water on this grant: How can you say it’s a bad thing and be so negative? This is great news for the development of Blender and can only lead to a better path forward, which flows down to the users. I realize there is some apprehension whenever a large company like Epic takes some interest in Blender, but I prefer to look at the glass as half full and I’ll continue that attitude until proven otherwise.

Everyone have a wonderful day – I know I’m in a much better mood since hearing this news.


Thanks for the insight.


Mine was great too, but then I saw how people were reacting and it got bad again. Everybody talks about how Blender has a great community but at times like these I’m just stunned by the negativity and ingratitude.


Some people are just negative by nature – it’s a defense mechanism designed as a shield from bad outcomes. Heck – my wife gets on to me sometimes for being too negative.

Back on topic: Folks were talking about performance improvements and I have to agree, that’s one of the things I will look forward to the most. Improving the code quality will hopefully address some of this.


This from Tim Sweeney: “Blender is an enduring resource within the artistic community, and we aim to ensure its advancement to the benefit of all creators.”

Since UE went free, I would imagine a lot of independent developers are using Blender to get assets into UE, and it makes sense that Epic would want to help advance Blender’s development.


Bad examples. They were produced during 2.8 development.
Spring was basically a test for 2.8 depsgraph, collection workflow, etc…
Hero is the act of birth of Grease Pencil as object. Almost all GP improvements made in 2.8 was done for the movie or used a resource from the movie as a demo file.

Elephant Dreams simply installed basic pipeline to make movie. (groups, render layers, etc…)
Big Buck Bunny added basic extras like Fur, Volumetric Clouds, Approximate AO.
Sintel was made during 2.5 period. Same as 2.8 period movies, a test in production and development of lots of new 2.5 tools and a resources provider.
Tears of Steel was a motivation for addition of motion tracking and masking tools.
Caminandes was used as multiview demo.
Hair shapekeys of Cosmos Laundromat did not end-up in 2.8 but all the other features developed for Hair (hair cut, new hair dynamics) did. Plus a lot of features like dof, screenspace AO, backdrop for compositor and sequencer, beginning of OpenVDB and Alembic support…
Glass Half was planned to be a proof of concept that a movie could be made simply with OpenGL render.
Nobody expected new features from that but just resources.
Agent 327 brought lots of optimizations and demoed all improvements made by Cycles during 2.7 series.

Open Movies are really bringing new features when artists are inspired. But of course, it was more obvious when Blender was smaller. And during big projects of development like 2.5, 2.8, it is not easy to clearly attribute a new feature to team of open movie or member of community testing new stuff.
I would like that during such period workload for devs will not be pushed too far by launching a movie production during same period. That is bad for new design and for the movie.

But clearly, open movies are useful demos and resources providers for the cloud.

This is also more work. They did one open game : Yo ! Frankie !
Its files became obsolete a lot faster than for an open movie.
It will be easier to produce a game that looks like Yo! Frankie! now. Tools are more efficient.
But to produce an AAA game with standards of 2020, you will need a budget for an AAA production.
It is already difficult to find millions for short movies. How could they find billions for such thing ?

The contribution from Epic Games is filling the gap that was existing according to dev fund page to bring amount of developers working full time on Blender to 10.
That is a great news when developers are expressing their frustration on working on a complicated task like a new design like 2.8. It will help them to focus on other aspect than financial worries to accomplish 2.8 design.


Perhaps not a game, but maybe it’d be a good idea to make a short movie using a game-centric pipeline - no Cycles, limited polycounts, no indirect skinning or expensive modifiers, etc - basically just stuff that is exportable to an engine like Unreal. It’d be great if they actually rendered it with Unreal too so that the import/export stuff could be smoothed out, but I guess that’s a bit much to ask considering eevee needs production testing too.