Epic/Medieval theme music for movies/games (original composition)

What do you think of these compositions I made?



When I’m not doing Blender, I compose medieval- and historical themed music. I hope you enjoy it.
I am also looking for people who want to use it for their projects (like games or films).

I am looking for more subscribers and shares, not a source of income. Though I wouldn’t completely rule out the idea of earning money on my music in the future (by any means, it is very expensive for me to make the music, because of the prices of VSTs and other software I use to create it), my primary goal is to get as much subscribers and shares as possible. However, I am also looking forward for constructive criticism on my works.

If you have any comments to my music, feel free to comment, in this thread or by PM or on my Youtube/Soundcloud channels.

This thread is NOT intended as advertisement of my works, but as a way of sharing my music and getting criticism and other responses.

Nice work. Take a like and a follow. What software do you use?

FL Studio.
VST’s vary. But I recently bought Medieval Legends II which includes a lot of medieval instruments sounding very realistic.

Thanks for the like and follow :slight_smile:

Ah, I too use FL. I haven’t touched it in a year or so though.

Good job I like them. I use FL studio with Vienna Special edition.

I have this in mind for my new animation:

Please tell me what you think of it :slight_smile:

Awesome music, battle of the dark ages would be ideal for RTS games.

I like Fantasy Castle, it would be good background music when exploring a mysterious but non-threatening environment. It would be great if it were longer and it looped.

Battle of the Dark Ages seems like a ‘preparing for’ or ‘marching to’ battle theme, rather than a battle itself, for one thing, it’s only got one theme, so if it’s a battle, it’s very one-sided. But I liked it. It builds nicely. Would work well for a trailer.

I found the Noble Knight to be annoying. Not sure why.

Needs feedback :slight_smile: