epic moves- [Nudity]

(--=leon=--) #1

hello mates,this is my latest work.


btw,i have seen some nice posts here lately,
keep those nice works coming.


(Anayo) #2

Wow. That’s really good. Pretty good use of color. What medium did you use?

scratches head I don’t see the nudity thing… I mean, it’s a female figure but it’s really abstract.

(Hippie) #3

Really, really nice. I do like your style.

As for your nudity warning, and your style, it brought a quote in my mind, which some art critic said about Picasso (not that I’m comparing you two): “If someone gets aroused by looking at Picasso’s painting I would suspect, that the indiviual is a pervert.”

(--=leon=--) #4


i placed the warning just to non offend anyone.

i consider it art,even if it was an integral nude figure.

(Khnum) #5

Do you do all your work digitally with a wacom or something, or do you do oil on canvus, pastels on paper, etc.???

Love your colors!