Epic Pumpkin (CGC Contest)

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

This is my entry for the CGCookie Contest.

Did everything within Blender/Cycles. Post in Gimp. Hope you like it. C&C is very welcome :slight_smile:

Happy Halloween!

Edit: Added a clay render.


This is a very good render, i think you could be winning the big prize! Looks like a photo taken in a real version of gravity falls!

Thank you for the kind words :smiley: I don’t know gravity falls, guess i’ll have to check it out.

Ooh you should! Is awesome :D, good luck in the competition

When i think about illustration is this kind of image that shows up in my mind. Excellent job!

@ Josh Thanks :smiley:

@ Matter Glad you like it :slight_smile:

it’s impressive)
could you show the version without post-processing, if you can) how long to render?

Fantastic work.
Really feel the heigh and weight of the monster.

Marvellous!! Well Done.
This one’s for the big trophy

hahaha holarious ! I love it!

Great (and well deserved top-row). Love the terrified child rancor.

Very nice render!
Can you upload a wired version?

looks like weirdmaggedon


Lol, awesome.
The only thing I´d change is throwing a few more samples at it. The grain in the less bright parts of the image doesn´t look so nice.

Wow, I really appreciate all your nice words :smiley: I’m glad all that hard work was time well spent.

@Quizzes: the rendering all in all took about 30 hours (gtx660 2gb). I’ll have to look if I still have one without pp,
the folder is kind of a mess^^

@Albertofx: I’ll post some later, didn’t render out a wire yet

@Lumpengnom You’re right, there’s still noise and I don’t like it either, but the render stands at 3k samples already, the
rendertime probably would have doubled to get rid of it. Blame the volume for that :slight_smile:

Excellent work!

Very good!

Everything is executed really well! The modeling, sculpting, rigging/posing, particles, lighting, motion blur, use of color, character design, texturing, mist pass…

Plus the dude running has an awesome costume. Looks like a cross between a Shambler and a Predator.

Great demonstration of both technical and artistic ability here. Thanks for sharing!

Excellent!!! :yes: