Epic Quest - Blenderguru fantasy competition - 3rd place


(Rico) #1

My entry for the blender guru “fantasy” competition. I don’t know what inspired me to create this, but I do know it was lots of fun. :smiley:

EDIT: I got 3rd place in the competition!

Modeling, lighting, rendering, effects, fur/hair, shading etc. done in Blender, Substance Painter for texturing some stuff, and Photoshop for final compositing.


(Safetyman) #2

This is amazing. Excellent work!

(Mark06GT) #3

Excellent detailing and work on that fur! Good luck in the contest.

(Zorian) #4

Nice fur :smiley: how many participles did you use to make it?:stuck_out_tongue:

(Tonatiuh) #5

Really nice! I love the bear, the pose and the face and the attitude, I think here is a little out of place, but nice as well. Tough competition! wonder woman is strong!

(OLG) #6

That is a definite WOW! Very nice. Good luck on the competition.

(dreamco) #7

Fantastic level of detail. I’m a real fan of these themes. Did you win?

(cgstrive) #8

Epic work!

(BigBlend) #9

My honest opinion is that it’s awesome but the girl is out of place here. She’s just standing there straight. The bear himself would win the competition, but the girl is the weak link in the composition.

(Itza) #10

That’s awesome!
I don’t know if you are ironic when you say that you don’t know where the idea come from, but it could easily be an illustration for the Northern Lights novel by Phillip Pullman which inspired the movie the Golden Compass.

(avizblender) #11

Excellent !!!

(foxrender) #12

Excellent work. I bet you would get a great result.:smiley:

(Rico) #13

Thanks all! glad you like it :slight_smile:
@Zorian I think it’s about 200000 particles, more or less.

@Tonatiuh thanks! yeah the Wonder Woman entry is a very strong entry :smiley: I’ll have a hard time beating it…

@dreamco thanks! The results for the competition aren’t out yet… but I’m tentatively optimistic about my chances. There are currently quite a few stellar entries competing for the top 3 spots, so we’ll see how I do :slight_smile:

@bigbad thanks! :slight_smile: Personally I prefer the girl in the scene, as opposed to the bear only, because I feel it adds to the story… but perhaps I could have done a better job integrating her in the scene. :wink:

@Itza haha well the truth is I didn’t get any direct inspiration from Golden Compass or any similar novels or films (I did kinda like the golden compass film,) and I was inspired by some of the bear designs in League of Legends, and also some bear art by Aaron Blaise, so I guess these things all collectively contributed to my final render. The actual idea just popped into my head though, as I remember.

(Carel de Winter) #14

That is a wonderful piece of work! You are out of my league man!

(rjshae) #15

Detail-wise it looks fantastic. From a practical perspective though, she’s not going to get very far trying to push through heavy snow in that getup. It looks like the snow is only up to her ankles, whereas the bear is knee deep. Perhaps it’s a good thing this is fantasy. :slight_smile:

(michalzisman) #16

This is one of my top three prediction. Alongside Fevered Psychopath and Soaring City.

(CG-Predator) #17

Great work indeed. Love the mood ,love the detail.

Maybe I am too picky , but some snow flakes on her hair and cloths would also add some realism.

Judging by her hair flow and some clothing - the weather is not so good. Its very difficult to keep your eyes wide open with weather conditions like that. Even in a good weather snow has tendency to “blind you”.

Also , just a matter of personal opinion, sword handles could be a little thicker, maybe with some artwork as well , seeing that the blade was done so nicely.

Good job

(ToshiCG) #18

This makes sense to me. The girl is light, maybe even an elf, so she doesn’t sink into the snow. The bear on the other hand is at least a 200 kg of a beast so he does. :slight_smile:

(Rico) #19

thanks for your great feedback! I’v also updated the 1st post with another shot of the girl only. and here’s a wallpaper format for the bear, closeup:

and also a wireframe:

(Rico) #20

@CG-Predator @ToshiCG
thanks guys! I also thought about how deep she’s standing in the snow, but came to the same conclusion that as she’s lighter she won’t sink too deep.

As for the fact that she’s not dressed for this environment: well I guess that’s quite right haha! well I should just make up a story that explains it I guess. :wink:

@CG-Predator, btw, good point about the snow in her hair… I added that in and updated the first post. also added a few more snow patches on her clothes, and feet. (actually I did have this in earlier, as a different layer, but I forgot to enable it for the final export… thanks for pointing that out!