Epic Quest - Blenderguru fantasy competition - 3rd place


(FredHystair) #21

Wow, beautifull piece congrats and good luck.

(rjshae) #22

This makes sense to me. The girl is light, maybe even an elf, so she doesn’t sink into the snow. The bear on the other hand is at least a 200 kg of a beast so he does. :slight_smile:

Have you ever tried walking in deep snow? It’s the force per unit area that matters – deep snow isn’t going to support much pressure. She has narrow boots whereas the bear has wide padded paws. The only way she is going to stay up like that is if she is wearing snowshoes. Otherwise, she’d normally be traveling behind the bear because clearing a path through deep snow is hard work.

(Amethyst) #23

Damn man! Would be willing to show us how you made fur look that good?! Is it the material or did you do some funky stuff with the actual fur?

(BigBlend) #24

I see the problem with the girl. Her midpoint is offset while the bear’s is normal.

(pauljs75_) #25

It’s awesome, but I agree with the other people on the female character. Just kick out her right leg (on the left from our vantage) and have her lean into and brace against the wind a bit. It’ll also add a bit of angle which will frame a triangle back towards both her and the polar bear character in a way that draws them together. (As the scene appears that they seem to be supporting each other somehow, why not make it more dynamic?)

(Fatesailor) #26

There is nothing to say as to the overall quality of the image, no doubt: it is superb! I have to say, however, contrary to the so many criticism she took, that the girl is the best in this image… she is so delicate and real in all her appearance… radiating the feel of the spirit of femininity in an exceptionally successful way! Her so fragile balancing on the snow is not a problem, it is a success, it is underlining her delicate sensitivity. I would vote for the image even if there was the girl only in the scene!

As to the bear figure… it is good but it is very common in our day’s fantasy themes.

(Ivaylo Gogov [ivaydesign]) #27

Great work! Wonderful details and well made poses… :slight_smile: Like it a lot

(MxD) #28

Absolutely very nice work ! Really beautiful !!! Bravo !

(Madrid82) #29

Very good Guss. It is a very difficult artwork because the bear has a lot of hair, but you made it.
I think that the girl looks very good behind the bear, because he protects her. In this scene, she is the brain and he is the body. For me the composition is perfect.

(Amber A) #30

Looks amazing, nice work!

(alf0) #31

dud this is crazy stuff, I like it, the bare the girl the outfit, the snow, it’s all awesome, man, how much did it take you to render it, I mean what are the render settings of this.

(Shonuff) #32

Amazing work. Well done. :smiley:

(Anouar Art) #33

winter is comming

(Vonzaku) #34

Goddamn. This is sublime!

(MDgN) #35

Hi, Very nice work !
Like the others I think something’s wrong in the relationship between le caracters and the snow. I guess it is maybe the fact that the caracters looks to be put in the snow. It should make some snow pushed away on their moving legs.
Congrats !

(Rico) #36

I got 3rd place in the competition, that’s amazing! thanks for all the awesome feedback guys!

(fikealox) #37

Congratulations :slight_smile: You should be very proud of your achievement, and even more proud of your artwork.

(rextherunt) #38

WOW, this is stunning, reminds me a bit of Iorek Byrnison, the bear in The Golden Compass.

(dudecon) #39

Exquisite work Guss. How many hours did you put into this?

Oh man! If it was a bit more pronounced, the whole scene would become comical! Especially with her precarious feet-together stance. The bear is protecting from foes in front, and meanwhile the girl is passing out behind him. Take a hot-chocolate break bear-man! Life is more than looking epic on a glacier!

(Altaf Shaikh) #40

my words can’t describe this awesome renders