EpicAnimationStudio is looking for talented Artists to join our team to develop games

We are currently looking for Artists to help us develop web based games. Volunteers will need to be proficient with stylized 2D game asset including but not limited to ui, character, Environment, and vehicles. All volunteers will earn a percentage of website revenue. We also will be doing mobile games, Cartoon animations. We have plans to do full fledged 3D games and Animations in the future but for now we are focusing on web based browser games targeted at kids ages 6 and up. You may use any software you are familiar with

. If this sounds like something you would be interested in contact us here or on our facebook page at EpicAnimationStudio. Thanks and have a great day.

All volunteers will earn a percentage of website revenue
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What type of games/animations specifically are you working on? I’m not sure “ages 6 and up” gives detail on the game genre. I’m sure people who’d help want to know what game they’re working on.
What are you doing to help out with the production of your games? Modelling, animation, programming etc. I’m sure people would atleast appreciate knowing what you’re doing and how much of it - that will, of course, show your dedication and for this project not to be one of those common failing ones.
I’ve been on this site for a while now. I’ve seen many projects come and fail - very little succeed. The ones that do succeed are the ones that attract a big and talented team. Those have detailed posts that will immediately want to get someone working on the project. Maybe you could show us all your works so we’d know what you’ve done and if you have experience or not.

With that being said, I thank you for reading this and wish you luck on your project(s). Please do not take this criticism personally. I’m just trying to help :wink:

Hi and thanks for the information. This project stems from a personal passion that I’ve have had since I was 12 years of age back when I wrote my first program for the Commador 64. Ever since then I have had a fascination with Developing games, Coding programs, Modeling 3D objects, and in recent years have honed my skills towards Painting, Color Theory, and Design of all kinds.

As far as my participation in the this project I will be doing most of the coding for the site, I am able to paint stylized assets, very proficient with Photoshop and currently learning Vector Graphics with Illustrator for use on the site. I understand game theory and what makes games fun. I understand that games need to be entertaining as well as visually appealing to be successful.

The Goal for the first stage of this project will be to recruit proficient artists and test their skills. Once we find what we need we will make a offer for a percentage of revenue produced by our efforts While recruiting I will be laying out the site and lining artists out with projects that will go towards the completion of the first game.

I don’t want to give away all the details of the Game but I will say it is a 2D Cartoon style Games geared towards Kids ages 6 to 9. If all goes well we can start moving towards larger projects such as Implementation of 3D Browser Based Games and even 3D Mobile Games. My technical skills include but are not limited to a passion and knowledge of c++, Html5, CSS3, Javascript, PHP, MYsql, c#.

In the industry I would be considered to be a self taught Technical Artist with a passion to make awesome and the diligence to get it done. I believe that the only way to accomplish a task of this size is with a team of people who love developing Games/Art and are all working towards the same goal.

With saying that, nothing in life is a guarantee. there is a chance that this whole project may go to the trash bin. If that’s the case then all the work you put in will in fact be yours to do what ever you will and I think that’s the only fair thing to do. on the other hand If this project makes it big, then everyone who volunteers and sticks with it will see the results of a combined effort to build the best Animation and Game Development Studio evaaaa!. :slight_smile: -Aaron-