Epiphone Riviera P94


(Para) #1

Hello again BA!

I wanted to share my work on making a guitar in Blender, for its inclusion in a larger passion project. I chose to model Epiphone’s Riviera P94 first, due to its elegant yet simplistic design.

View 1:

View 2:

View 3:

View 4:

View 5:

I would love some criticism and suggestions, especially on the texturing and topology of the model. Thanks BA!

~ Para

P.S. Can anyone guess what the larger project is? :wink:

(Para) #2

Hiya there, it’s update time!

I think I’m calling the Riviera done now. Leave any comments and suggestions beloooow!

~ Para

(JoaoYates) #3

The model looks great. Perhaps light it up with somewhat of an environment so the final render turns out less flat. Great work mate

(Para) #4

Aw, thank you so much! Yeah, I just wanted to show off the model for now. The bigger project should have a better environment.

~ Para

(fitz301) #5

You should probably find some pictures of this guitar because it is far too “flat”.

It’s as if you never even seen the real thing.

(Para) #6

Ouch… I’ll try to better match the bends and the curves of the guitar next time. Thanks for the criticism though…

(Para) #7

I tried to add some subtle curves back in: