Episode 5 of my cartoon series " David The Modern Day Christian" it's the Faith series

Took me time but doing something special tell me what you think.


Its a good way to use visual media to get the gospels message across.

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watch the end because itis message that is new and unique. Will help A lot of people ?

The music in the beginning sounds worse than Bjork. It was the hardest thing I’ve listened to. It’s better that you just sing, no instrumental.

“Make no images of God!”; Literally the video has like 3 versions of God.

The 0% 10% 50% 90% 100% sounds like a random number generator if God will help you as you backtrack and say if it doesn’t work it’s because God tests you, or as you write it “G-d” for some reason.

Also the “#1 Fan of God” red cap Not subtle hint that it is a Trumpo hat… I swear Jesus was mad at people that were praying out loud.

Overall you get 2 out of 10 from me. 1 for making different locations and settings, 1 for actually making the mouth move when there is talking.

Well not be Bjork and there many people don’t understand the bible because there still children, many have mind complexity of children and they need first look in order to understand to see how G-d move with his israelite people. 3 version because G-d is all. Still the same meaning 1 he will gave you small protion to do and A big portion depending on your faith. G-d doesn’t put a weight over your shoulders that you cannot carry.

Furthermore before Trump got into power I had the idea about the hat long ago, Not saying Trump is wrong or bashing here. I respect many cultures and their way. So A big thank you BigBlend keep on blending ;D.

Just wait until the end of my series the ending will change everything all the ways you see in life will hit in your head. My end is unique and no one has done it.