.EPS export script for blender?


     i was just wondering if there are any .EPS export scripts out there that are available for blender (preferably blender 2.42, but at this rate, an .EPS script for any version of blender will do!)? or how about an .ai exporter script for blender? pleeeease say there is one...:(

can you explain how you intend to use the script?

text, curves, how it might handel 3d objects etc,

i will be using this script for exporting out of blender and importing into anime studio pro 5 (anime studio pro 5 is 2D animation software). the anime studio pro 5 help document said that you can import 3D (specificly .obj) files into it, and animate 3D models in a 2D space. i exported from blender (using wavefront .obj and videoscape with vertex colors .obj) and imported into anime studio pro 5. But there ended up being a HUGE gap in the left leg, right shoulder, and waist of my model! and it doesn’t stop there…i even tried to import the wavefront and videoscape with vertex colors .obj files into wings 3D, and the same gaps were there! but however, there is one spark of hope (as far as anime studio pro 5 goes…), anime studio pro also imports .ai and .EPS files! that is why i am trying to find some kind of blender script that exports in .EPS or .ai format. So do you know of any?

wavefront obj and videoscape obj are different formats, see if you can find which ones are suported by anime studio pro 5.

eps is a 2d format, like ai or flash so Im not sure how you could compare a 2d and 3d format.

can you test obj export with the latest blender to see if the problems been fixed?
Best we have good support for the existing formats we export to.

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