I’ve been trying to play FFVII on ePSXe but have been running into some problems during the battle sequence. The game enters into the battle sequence fine, the camera spines around et c…but the players and monsters arn’t being drawn for some reason? I’ve tried the patches on the video plug-in con fig screen I’ve tried different settings used different plug-ins etc…, all my other games work fine. I have the latest drivers for my video card, DirectX drivers etc, original disks etc. Anybody have any ideas?

Not sure of the legality of this even with original discs. Best not to discuss it here.

Why wouldn’t it be legal with the original disk? Turn your settings to the lowest. Or get some other hardware. I’ve never gotten past the intro screen on my computer (i has disk) so getting into battle is way ahead of the curve.

It works on some systems and on others it don’t.

pSX plays FF7 flawlessly.

pSX plays FF7 flawlessly.

I can confirm that :).

Because to run an emulator you need a boot rom. This bootrom is either downloaded from the internet which is illegal or its a copy of your own bootrom which is strictly seen illegal too according to the EULA and TOS of Sony.

How is that? You own the system. I’d think you could nuke it and no one could do a thing about it. If we were speaking of PS2 or PS3, I’d be more inclined to believe that.

You do not own the software running on the system though, ie the boot rom. You only own a license to USE the boot rom on the original hardware. It’s like buying a copy of Windows or buying MP3’s - you don’t actually own the operating system and you don’t actually own MP3’s. You own a license to use them under the terms of the actual owner

Please stop mentioning illegal files, We are talking about a graphic compatibility
issue. I would never download or promote the use of ANY illegal bios file that
allows people to play game illegally.

I’ve downloaded pSX, now I seem to having issues with my cd drive reading the disk… gawd this sucks balls… I don’t know what else to do?

why would you want to run something that has a native build on an emulator?

from the pSX website:

Note: you will need a PS1 BIOS image (not supplied) - it should be called SCPH1001.bin and placed in the bios folder of the emulator.

So… illegal, lol.

dyf is correct, there is a PC version of FF7

Hmm. So the EULA for the PS1 explicitly states this?Just asking now. I figured it came out before all the madness over downloading, so it wouldn’t have the same terms as the later systems. There’s also the fact that everywhere you look it says that its okay so long as you have the hardware.

Please stop mentioning illegal files, We are talking about a graphic compatibility
issue. I would never download or promote the use of ANY illegal bios file that
allows people to play game illegally.

From what these guys are saying, it looks like all bios files are illegal.:spin:

Then it is something like “tolerated” - the grey zone.
But striclty seen by law its illegal.It refers to the “manipulation or duplication or any change of the program/code/dvd/game or parts of the program/code/game/dvd is prohibited”
Then on the other hand you are allowed to make a personal copy for backup reasons on some cases… There is no black/white… its all greyish and differs from company to company ^^

Only those of gaming consoles. The computer BIOS are not illegal. They are supplied by the manufacturers in order to keep your system up to date. However changing the code would be illegal again, beside the fact only a few could even do it.
Also some Boot Roms of the MAME are legal. Many companies legalized manipulation, duplication and so on of game ROMs and BIOS ROMs to keep the whole thing alive. There are clear lists. For Instance the Mame32 emulator runs only those roms which are legal to copy and use legal bootroms, but there are other versions of Mame32 which run with illegal Roms/BootRoms.

However those BootRoms are more less similar to an operating system. It´s like having a PC with windows and a PC with Linux and a windows game. And then copy windows and install it on the Linuc PC to be able to play the game.
Then again, strictly seen by the Windows EULA it would be illegal. If your Windows includes a Notebook License you could install on a Notebook too, but not a workstation. Some licenses are even bound to the amount of Processors. So using a single processor license in a dual processor system (number of processor != number cores) would be illegal.
Then again, if you don´t use the PC´s at the same time what is the harm?
You could also uninstall windows from one PC, install it on the other and activate it again. And then do the same if you use the other PC…
greyish again.

So bottomline, talking in the Forum about the grey zone is never a good idea. And if you own a game, and the console, no one will sue you out of your pants if you emulate it. If for instance sony would prohibit it, there would be no homebrew games, everyone would have to buy a developer kit off sony. Same goes for those modchips. Sony somewhat tolerate the modchips, Nintendo on the other side sued the company producing the “forgotthename”-modchip company.

This can get an endless discussion, which is quite intresting, but IMO its better not do discuss such topics in a blenderforum, considering the fact the server is in europe and european law makes the forum owners/admins/mods responsible for the content and actions in the forum.

Now that is just retarded.:eek: