Epyx Retro Logo Animation

Test animation to, well, see how animation works in Blender.

  • I must admit, it was pain to use, pretty much every step of the way.
  • Even filed a bug report (that turned out to be a duplicate, surprise, surprise).
  • Posted several usability improvements (that nobody will care about).
  • But… I did complete it using free software (although I pay monthly to the dev fund).
  • The old adage “open source is only free if your time is worth nothing” is true with Blender still.
  • Also, no idea where the stutter in the end comes from. Everything was smooth in Eevee.
  • Eevee is what dampened most of the pain, btw. If I didn’t have realtime results, I’d given up ages ago.
  • Doing the shaders was actually kinda fun (but everything with the animation itself was not).

Just keeping it real, but nobody cares what I say anyway. :slight_smile:

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