Equal Area Cylinder UV unwrapper

This script was designed to help convert generic meshes to Second Life sculpties. It uses an equal area cylinder formula http://mathworld.wolfram.com/CylindricalEqual-AreaProjection.html to generate the uv map. The uv cylinder is centered on the object center with the poles taken from the view.


Current version 0.03: http://www.dominodesigns.info/downloads/blender/uvcalc_eac.zip

All tips for improvements welcomed.

Firefox chokes on you link… It is actually a .gz… the script looks nice though!

not easy to download thats for sure.
right click save file as fails. ie didn’t look too good either.
ah well, got it anyway.
Download Accelerator Plus finds the .py file.
the link needs to be fixed though, too late at night to jump through hoops. lol.
edit: link is fine now.

Not sure why the link was causing problems, worked fine in IE & Firefox for me. the .gz shouldn’t have been an issue - that was just negotiated compression on the transfer.

I’ve zipped the file and changed the link in original post so hopefully no more issues with that now.

but i just cant get it to work. the resulting uv maps are really weird and do not work in SL Is there any help file to this script? Didn’t find any hints in the script. Thx

Make sure the object has a sane centre before using the unwrap (Object mode - Centre New). Then look at the front of the object as the unwrap will put the seam at the far side of the object with the poles at the top and bottom of the view.

It won’t do things perfectly, basically vertices on a projected ray from the centre will end up on the same place on the uv map. A sculptie map is a single square continuous surface and this is what the unwrap aims to help achieve.

This is really for step 1 in a multi stage process. You’d bake this to a Second Life sculptie map, then reimport that map into Blender and prepare the final sculptie from that.

There’s a demo video on an older version of the script (before it worked from view) available at http://forums.secondlife.com/showpost.php?p=1677452&postcount=2