Equal extract/size of irregular curve

Hi folks. I’ll quickly set the scene.

Imagine a Curve/Circle placed flat on the grid, then you pull a couple of points around on the z axis so you have an out of shape circle. Well, not a circle at all, an irregular shape.

Now I want to extract, or solidify, or something else that will create a larger copy of that line as if it were circumscribed. Imagine using the centre point of a circle, or spirograph gear to trace the new line.

This would ideally create a new line with the same number of verts. I can’t find any way to do this. It must be possible somehow.

It doesn’t matter if this is in curve or model mode, it’s all going to get converted anyway.

Any ideas gratefully received.

put the 3d cursor at the centre of the circle - by selecting all of the points on the original circle and using cursor to selected (shift s). Then change your transform origin to 3d cursor (full stop), select all parts of the circumscribed objects and scale. Hope I understood your question correctly.

That works ok until you make the curve object irregular. Then you get segments that are all out of shape and proportion, especially at any long ends of the curve. :o(

Can you share the file because I think I’ve misunderstood.