Equation for a graph vs time

Ok blender world hope you stand up to your rep with this one.

 Here is what i need in the simplest form,

    I need the Hue to change from a curve on a graph based on time.

IE this:

    X= frame on time line
    Y= Hue value

 What tool is best to use in blender for this? 

What Am i trying to do? I work for a power electronics company and our newest inverter has thermal, lets call the issues. I am trying to make a 30 second animation of the heat rise of the 80 thermal data points I have. Sure there is simulation software out there but we are a start up and If i can do this in blender then why not.

The temps are not a liner rise so setting the frames manually will take forever on 80 terminal points. Spitting out a graph equation from the data is super fast with excel. If there is a way to plug that into a graph on Berliner and tie the X value to the timeline it escapes me. thanks for the help! 

my failed work thus far lol:

not certain what you want
what does this equations does ?
you can add with the nodes some equation which can be use to drive something

but still don’t see what you want to do with this !

may be using some driver might help in this case !

happy cl