Equidistantly Spaced Particles

I am attempting to create a particle system where the particles are more or less equal distance from each other. I assume this is possible but I’ve no idea how to go about doing this.


My intent is to create a condensation texture I can use as a bump map on a soda bottle I’m working on.

Thank you for the help.

You can control particle placement by having Newtonian particles emit directly from vertex locations. So the spacing control is the mesh. Just create a mesh with evenly space vertices. Set your particle count equal to the number of vertices in the mesh for a 1:1 particle ratio.

Yeah, that works. It requires a rather high resolution mesh to get the number of particles I need, but it works. There really isn’t a way to have particles arrange themselves according to other particles?

You can use self-effect forces to make particles move away from one another, however you can do exact placement using that technique.