Equilibrium and Beyond

Digital artwork for the 2014 Nando’s art competition themed “ALIVE”.

Title: Equilibrium and Beyond
Artist: Dhameer Abbas
Dimension: 31.5’h x 35.75’w
Medium: Laser Print on Canvas
Year: 2014

Alive; To be alive is to experience life. The act of eating the peri-peri actually symbolize experience, exploration, bravery and accomplishment; Being beyond chicken and earn the stripes. It’s also about the sensory, the intensity and the contrast. Remember that precious oxygen you inhale after an intense run or that cold water you drank to ease the spice or even the light feeling you experience after completing a very hard task. It basically is the things that keep you center and focus and really be there and in control. This artwork is trying to capture the essence of that by playing with juxtaposition of matter such as fire and water or light and dark and more. The composition is purposely center and use very wide perspective to highlight the experience of being in focus. The bright light behind the main subject matter is for the viewer to connect on its experience of being alive and the floating subjects and the spread wings symbolize triumph and further exaggerate it. The artwork cover full spectrum of colors with warm tint to express the joy, the fun and the wonders of life.