Equine forelimb bones.

Hi Everyone,

I recently created a movie showing the ligaments within the equine forelimb, which was used for a 3rd year clinical lecture in the Veterinary Science course here at the University of Melbourne. The good news is that I’m currently re-working the movie to produce a version for public consumption. It will be available soon!

In the mean time, here is the result of me applying some sharper creases to my model of the bones of the forelimb:
The new sharp creases are a very, very useful feature for creating realistic-looking articular surfaces!

The bones were modeled by a combination of two different methods:
1. Digitizing points on the surface of real bones using a Faro Silver Series Arm.
2. A stereophotogrammetric technique involving triangulation of corresponding points from two calibrated cameras.

The second method is very much a prototype system at the moment, but may one day be released into the public domain.

Jonathan Merritt.
PhD Student, Equine Centre,
Faculty of Veterinary Science,
The University of Melbourne.

Beautiful work. Those are amazingly well detailed horse bones. Nice job!

Very good work, lancelet - your visualisation looks beautiful.

You are using a Faro Arm - is it easy to use? And about the second technique you mentioned, is it a custom software?

How much time did you need for these bones?

Great work indeed!
I’m wondering about the size of such a complex model.