Equinox 3d ... Has anyone used this software before?

I just stumbled across this little 3d modeller/ray tracer and i was wondering if anyone here has used this before?


Its feature set seems pretty impressive - http://www.equinox3d.com/news.html

Wow, it looks like a mix between Maya/Modo, incredible I’m excited to test it… too bad there is no version for windows :frowning:

I know :frowning: Thats why i have to ask on here if anyone has used it… It looks to be an impressive engine.

Hopefully somewhere down the line, someone with the coding skills may try and port this software over to windows. I would love to give it a test

Something about it feels… cheap

All I know is that I’m not(and I wager that a fairly large ammount of other people) willing to learn a 3d package again

@fdfxd - understandable, I just really liked the look of it’s shading capabilites.

And it is free, so it can’t look cheaper than it is… lol :slight_smile:

Also, it purely depends on the person whether or not they will want to learn other software. I would assume that most people would, like me, enjoy learning to use new programs and expanding there CG knowledge.
As a hobbyist, learning new techniques and how to use new/different software is fun for me… I love finding a new tool i haven’t used before and testing it, and most of the time i end up keeping and regularly using these new found programs/tools in my workflow. as i’ve found that there isn’t one program that offers Every function/tool i need. I need a large collaboration of different programs :wink: Learning new things is what strives me to continue in this CG world, as i never thought i would be able understand any of it at all when i first started a couple of years back! :slight_smile:

it runs fine on manjaro. Don’t know how to use it . …yet
Gotta do the research.

Thanks for the tip. Hats off

@Drawingisdead - No problem… Glad someone has got it working :slight_smile:

Let me know if you manage to render any scenes out with it! D
I’m curious to see what this software can do…

That readout reminds me of something I’ve seen somewhere…

Equinox 3D is still going?

This application actually was very competitive against Blender 10 years ago, but with the latest release being 7 years after the last one, I don’t see it getting to that point again (some nice new tools, but the development rate is just not there).

Hey this sounds exciting… I checked this website.

Isn’t there a windows version available? I saw only for mac & linux & Irix.

Thx for sharing this new thing… & wondering that Ace says it was available since 10 years ! wow !

Didn’t realise that this software was around 10 years ago, i thought it was relatively new :slight_smile:

And unfortunately no, there doesn’t seem to be any version of this software for windows, as far as i’m aware :frowning: