Equinox 3D : now with GI

New version of equinox out… new feature : fast, physically accurate GI renderer
Any chance someone could get that going in blender? (internal?)

it’s incredible, what a nice software now that Equinox-3D!

i think next major and urgent update in blender should asolutely be Global Illumination.
everything now here and there is implementing some GI code in its core, blender users can’t lack it anymore, these days GI is a must in every standard renderer.

hope we could see it soon!

It’s nice they’re focusing on the renderer, but I don’t think I can live without a lot of the cool stuff Blender has.

Broken’s working on state-of-the-art volumetrics along with Farsthary, I don’t see Equinox having that fairly soon, plus there’s no downloads for Windows.

You’re right CD, I mean Blender is age beyond in so many areas, but in the renderer part it lacks a “necessary” feature nowadays.

Global Illumination is considered the standard level for renders now and more or less every software has it in its package.

Perhaps this is true for still CG imagery, but for anything in motion, even biased GI is generally still too heavy on the CPU to make it viable, esp. for commercial productions with tight schedules. Unbiased is still way beyond considering for anything beyond a few minutes length. Most of the professional works you see these days that have a GI “look” to them were “faked” in some way to achieve it quickly to meet production timelines. (Tho everything CG is really “faked”, isn’t it?) Blender’s internal, with its “faking” capabilities such as AO, is still pretty even with what’s used out there for most stuff. Not saying it couldn’t use constant attention and updating, tho. The recent addition of render-layer capacity was a great boon, and I understand that more refactoring will be happening to allow easier external-renderer integration.

Most of the major apps don’t have highly feature-rich internal/native engines - most rely on liscensing externally developed rendering software such as VRay, Mental Ray, Maxwell or Brazil… by comparison (of internal engines) Blender’s is actually pretty good.

I completely agree, what I meant was of course still images but my answer lacks in specify that.

That assertion is half correct, because is true, other apps can rely on external renderers but those renderers are tightly integrated with the modeler and support all of its features. So blender need seriously a refactor of the API to provide such a level of integration.

Other than that and to relate to my first post, consider behind Equinox 3D there is… one person, and that software can produce real Global Illumination!
I think Blender should really focus on an implementation of such a great feature considering it has an entire team behind it.

You know I’m getting kind of sick with statements like the above… “Considering it has an entire team behind it…” makes it sound as if there are 20 people who work fulltime just on Blender. This is OS and the so called Team you are talking about are people that enjoy coding, enjoy blender and do this entirley in their free time (few exceptions granted). You can’t tell any of these people to just code this and code that as it is their personal will to do this. So if you think that GI is so essential then go code it. I haven’t missed it yet. Granted it would be a nice addition but until then I use AAO and fake GI.

And now we hear the whining “I’m not a programmer…” again.
Sorry if I sound hard but you make it sound as if it is sooo easy to produce a GI render. What can Equinox show in regard to animation, compositing, sequencing, sculpting?

And to further add to Musk’s point (tho he does seem a tad grumpy today… :D) because of the OSS nature of the Blender community, it does tend to fall to the external rendering app developers to work on the integration efforts of their software’s interperability with Blender. Sure this would be made easier with said refactor, but it would still fall to them to integrate. (Or enthusiast volunteer users/programmers of both their app & Blender.)

A couple of examples of already excellent efforts at this are LuxRender and Indigo with their respective python scripts that are fairly robust solutions. Sunflow and Kerkythea likewise play fairly nice with some extra effort on the part of the artist/user. In each of these cases integration, while presently challenging, is possible and is the responsibility of their respective communities to execute - not the core Blender coders or the BF.

Dude, no need to turn on Equinox here. tixy doesn’t represent them, I don’t think, and thus your arguement doesn’t extend to this app or its developer.


Yep must be the refactoring and javascript coding I currently have to do :wink:

Sorry didn’t mean to turn on Equinox just wanted to show that there are a lot more usecases in Blender then in Equinox that people are working on so the “Team” is divided up more heavily then one would assume.
I have no knowledge of Equinox and I think it is a nice application in its own rights and I have great admiration for anybody who has the courage, endurance and dedication to publish such a project.

Man, first calm down a bit. Second, there is no reason at all to get so upset, we are discussing, you know?
Third, you’re speaking about the author of Equinox whose work I believe is not coding Equinox so himself is part of “…people that enjoy coding, enjoy Equinox and do this entirely in his free time…”.

Neverthless you are answering to me, not to him so, repeat calm down…

Given that, the clue of such a mess is:
1- Global illumination is a great feature,
2- it is nowadays considered the still image’s standard in the CG, you like it or not,
3- I refuse to believe blender team isn’t able to code that and my hope is to have it soon,
4- and of course, without this we have AAO that is a great thing too and we use it until the global illumination appears in blender.

are you happy now?

Why don’t use AAO + HDRI with Blender’s internal renderer? It has work quite well for me.

I’m not talking about Equinox’s author in any way. The quote is referring to any programmer who does OSS which includes the Equinox programmer. What I’m actually trying to stress is the fact that the user can ask for a feature but not demand it unless he is willing himself to invest in it.
The Equinox coders seem to have great interest in GI and implemented it. Most blender coders seem to see the need for improvements elsewhere. Refactoring the eventsystem as an example. So unless you are willing to code it do not demand it from others. Asking is a different beast and I do not mean to keep you from discussing it as long as we keep everything in perspective and do not start threads like XY has feature Z, Blender needs it now it is a must have.

I was talking exactly about Equinox 'cause this thread is about Equinox.
Ok, blender team could consider improving other parts of blender, i’m grateful, neverthless i consider axtremely important Global illumination for blender.

I do not demand, i express my opinion and relate that to Equinox, hoping to see sooner or later same awesome function in blender.



thank you “Blender team”!

Man I hope thats the real deal… understand the relevance of it too, the new yafray is real nice, and I’m also playing around with vray in blender, but real GI in blender internal would mean I could finally get into nodes. The only reason I haven’t up until now is because of all the other “limitations” of Blender internal (primarily lack of GI).

:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

um… whats mango?

the image i posted:

Mango??? next durian project maybe?

What will happen to the lightcuts project as a result, will it be greatly expanded?

Durian looks like it’ll really vault the renderer to the next level, I wonder if Broken’s volumetrics work will make an appearence too.