Equinox 3D?!

I’ve just been browsing 3dlinks.com and came across Equinox.

It looks like a worthy contendor to Blender[But it’s only for Linux and Mac OS X [:tear:].

Anyone use it?

EDIT: Crap, it’s SHAREWARE. New it was too good to be true :more tears:

Yeah, it’s been around for a long while now…I e-mailed the author 3 or 4 years ago asking for a Windows version, and all I got is a reply about dual-booting or using a “linux emulator”.

The only Linux emulator-like thing I know of is Cygwin, and that’s no help if you don’t have access to the sources… other than that all I can think of is dual-booting or installing Linux under Qemu or VMware…

Wait a minute…
Isn’t that in the radiosity section of the Blender manual?

Don’t quote me on this, but I’m pretty sure that it’s a popular test called the Cornell Box. It’s not specific to Blender.

Exactly right.

I used Equinox 3D a bit and have exchanged emails with the developer on several occasions. Gabor Nagy(the developer) created it mostly for his own work and then released it to the general public. It has a couple cool features and has a lot of potential (the real-time raytracing is very cool), but it appears development has stagnated a bit.

Plus it’s not open source :frowning:

It’s still pretty cheap for a 3d app though, not bad.

Looked like it had a LOT of great features.