equirectangular background maps

Hello all,

I need some guidance on properly using an equirectangular image as a background for my cycles animation. This is for an architectural animation. I went to the site and took a 360 panoramic set of images then stitched them together in photo shop. I added the stitched image as an environment texture. I read on another forum to swap the x and y in the mapping. It seems I have to scale the image to get it to fit but I am having trouble getting right. So, I assume I am just not following a proper way to do this.

Can someone with experience give me some guidance how to properly go about this?



So you do have a panoramic image? Is it converted to equirectangular?
Links for some help:

Hi there,

I stiched the images together in Photoshop using the cylindrical stich method. So, it is a 360 degree image. Then I put in my own sky to make the image a 2:1 ratio. I got the image into Blender but it is just scaled way to big for the camera I have set up. When I play with map scaling the image just gets all weird. Maybe it is more of an issue with image size and my camera settings or fame resolution. I am rendering frames at 1080 x 720 the panoramic is 70(w) x 35(h). I will take a look at your links…Thanks

I got the image into Blender…

What does this mean? Are you using the image as an environment texture or have you applied it to an object as a texture? For reflections & IBL you want to add it to the World as an environment texture. For use as a background image you can load an appropriate part of it on a plane (enable “Import Images as Planes” in the Addons part of Preferences) and then constrain that plane to always point at the camera. It will be a struggle to use a 360-panoramic image as an object texture and have it look realistic, IMO.

I too have a ready Equirectangular image (like a park with grass and statues) which I added in World as a background scene for my project - a cart moving on a dirt road (a plane strip).
The problem is I am not sure how to fit/align my road to the scen. I can’t figure out what options to use - texture, point, vector, normal.
There is also the question of whether to use ‘generated’ or leave as default.
Adding a mapping node brings its own problems - choice of loc, rot and scale.

Suggestions on correctly using equirect textures will be gratefully received.