equivalent "mesh.select_mode" for the UV editor

In the preferences => Input => 3D view, you can set up shortcuts for direct access to the vertex, edge and face- mode,
by putting “mesh.select_mode” in the name field.

Is there an equivalent to the UV Editors selection modes ?
I naively tried “uv.select_mode”, without any success ofc.

I dont want to call the “selection mode menu” via ctrl+tab.
Thanks in advance for any help.

For having one key for verts, one for edges, etc:
Operator: wm.context_set_string
ContextAttributes: tool_settings.uv_select_mode
Value: can be ‘VERTEX’, ‘EDGE’, ‘FACE’ and ‘ISLAND’

For having a key to cycle through the modes:
Operator: wm.context_cycle_enum
ContextAttributes: tool_settings.uv_select_mode
And if you don’t set another key for cycling in reverse, I advise to set ‘Wrap’ to True.