Equivalent of exclude in old render layers

In the old render layers you could ‘exclude’ a layer(s) and it would be transparent, but it would block light from hitting the layer you were rendering. How to do this on with view layers?

View Layer is equivalent to Render Layer.
Collections toggles are equivalent to layer buttons.
You just have to untick Checkbox toggle of Collection.

I know how to exclude collection A from the view layer, call it B. BUt when B is rendered I want shadows cast from A on B.

To elaborate:

Enable film transparent in render settings.
Make a separate collection for the objects you want to holdout.
Enable the holdout icon in the outliner.
Enable holdout for the collection.

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Thank you both, @DNorman, That will work.

OK I got it.
That is the Indirect Only toggle. EEVEE does not support that. Only Cycles does.

That was not equivalent to “Exclude Layers” but “to exclude” one of 2 enabled Scene Layers to only render one of them.

I forget, it might have been called mask in the old UI

My example is in eevee 2.90

OK. So, DNorman is right.
Mask Layers = Holdout toggle. And this is supported by both engines.

I think you are right that it did not always work in eevee but they fixed it.