er, modeling/ rigging problem! 0_o;;;

hey peeps, not sure whether to post this in here or in animation (cause im not animating yet, but its a rig prob) I’m working on a dragon, the scales around the neck arent deforming with the neck… not sure how i can go about making it deform better, does anyone have an idea? thanks for your help =)

If the scales are part of the same Object as the neck then you need to WeightPaint them so their Vertices are assigned to the same VertexGroups as those in the neck (assuming you’re using an Armature). If the scales are a seperate Object then you need to assign an Armature Modifier to that Object and use the same Armature as the neck does to deform it.


i have an armature chain, using the same for both, and yeah, they are seperate, what do you mean by armature modifier?

i added an armature mod, to the armature, and it stayed the same =(

from here:

and WeightPainting: