erase edge, keep model ?

Hello, how can I erase a vertex or an edge without modifying the mesh; i mean, when i take some of those actions the face that contains that vertex or edge is erased too n´i just wanna erase unnecessary divisions.

thank you

use the Alt-J functin to transform tri’s into square

or when you erase you can select what you erase vetex-edge face - face and edges ect…


hi Ricky, it is not working, cuz one face is a triangle and the other a quad. another way of expressing my problem: when a face is erased, how could i connect hers edges again to recover that face; i m not talking baut merge here cuz it would just extend old faces… and i wanna create a face with given edges.

select two edges, f-key !
Or two opposite edges to make a quad .

you could try selecting ‘delete edge loop’ from the delete menu

can you pu some pic before and after of what you want

might be easier to see what you mean


hey delic, it worked great! nice key F!

thank you very much

and thanx to all of you too!