Erase mirrored grease pencil strokes?

Okay I’m guessing this is not possible but I have to ask. I love grease pencil but there’s one thing that has always annoyed to me. I often will use a mirror modifier to get symmetrical designs with the grease pencil. The problem is that I will often forget which side is the “original” side and just start making strokes on either side of my design. The end result is that I often go to erase a stroke and find out that I can’t because I’m trying to erase the mirrored stroke instead of the original. So when I apply the eraser, nothing happens, and I have to go over to the other side to erase. Very annoying.

It’s honestly very weird that it functions like this IMO. After all, in edit mode I can select mirrored strokes to move/rotate/scale. Why can’t I erase mirrored strokes? I understand there might be technical reasons it couldn’t be implemented hat I don’t understand, but is there any workaround at all other than putting up with this quirk?