Erase one part which shows in a bject but disappears in edit mode

Hi! Not sure how to erase the tiny bit above the hand, it is showing in object mode but disapoears in edit mode.

I suspect that the little bit is a fingernail that’s weight-painted not quite the same as the finger.

There’s 4 buttons on the top of the mesh’s armature mod - turn them all on… and in edit mode y should be able to edit the distorted versons of the mesh.

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Million thanks​:pray::pray::pray:

I couldn’t find here is a screenshot , can u pls tell me where to look for the buttons:)? Which mode should i be in? Thank you​:pray::pray:

Pls check here when in pose mode it is hanging out too .


These buttons (circled) - they appear on every modifier.
Camera: mod is active when rendering
Screen: mod is active in viewport
4 verts: mod is active in edit mode, but like as a ghost - you see the original mesh as a wireframe and the modded mesh as a textured object
3 verts: mod is active in edit mode, with the mesh moved to the modded mesh.

To find them, select the mesh and click the spanner for mods.

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Million thanks:))))!!! It finally worked​:tada::tada::tada::tada: