Erick sculptember fun

#sculptember day-1: chararcter study.

Time: 1hour

Tomorrow i will not have time so i will save 30 min to do the head.

#sculptember day- 3: Creature box cyclopes?
Why creature box guys don’t name the creatures?
Roughly 2 hours work, i still own you day 2.

#sculptember day 4: another creature box fun. The bird
Time: about 1h45

#sculptember Day 5: A concept from a facebook group friend (daily creative). This way too WIP. I will definitively finish this one.

Time: less than 1h30

#sculptember day-6: mini Centaur.
Time: about 1h 30
Today I have noticed i need more busts practices, that what i will be next week

talent, very good works can make any thing if you continue like that i like day 1,4 and 6 the most, the others are bad

Thanks for your kind words :slight_smile:

#sculptember Day 7: Croco
Time: less than 1h30
I did it in 3 go, life is trying to catch up with me LOL i have my moves LOL

#sculptember day 8: fishy monster without teeth
Time: less 1 hour
Concept found in artcore facebook group.
I tried to use different mesh but i didn’t like much mask work better for me

#sculptember day 9: dagger.
Way off my playground, i had to think where and how to put my strokes, i think i should do more dagger in the future
Time: 2h30min

#sculptember day 10: Catfish creature, concept by Terryl Whitlatch
Time: about 2 hours.

#sculptember day 11: knight mask
Time: i didn’t check but it was a quickie.
I m just trying to do hard surface in Dyntopo.

#sculptember day 13: head from memory, I can’t get those shapes right, wow i m rusty. Tomorrow an other head with ref image.
Time: less 1 hour

#sculptember day 14: another head.
Life is now standing on my way
Time: about 30 min

#sculptember day 15: third head, much better may be i m getting my swing back
Time: less than 1 hour

that one is good but need to fill and flatten between the wavy parts in the top

Thanks for your kind words :slight_smile:

#sculptember day 16 kind of fill gap here: head much much better but still not there yet. After this i m going for a short walk and sculpt today’s head.
Time: less than 1 hour

I see a big improvement from day 1 to day 16 :smiley:

Thanks for your kind words :slight_smile: and i m having fun as well.