Ernieball Stingray Bass (Indigo Renderer)

Hey, guys… =D

I wanted to try Indigo Renderer ( and work on my modeling and texturing skills. So I’ve modeled an eletric bass (MusicMan Ernieball Stingray model).

Modeled in Blender 2.43, textures in The Gimp, Render in Indigo (~12 hours).

latest version:

These are the links:Render >

Detail on 3D view (1) >

Detail on 3D view (2) >

Reference image >
I’ll be glad to read your crits and comments.


Very nice so far, my only real critique so far is that the scene composition seems to be a lot like Fog22’s electric guitar- Maybe think of a different way of presenting it for origionality. Good model and render though.
Also I forgot to mention that the neck specularity seems a bit off. Too steaky looking.

Oh my God! That’s almost the same composition!!

I’ll change it and re-post a new one soon.

Thanks a lot for that, blend1988!


You’re very welcome, also I wanted to mention I did a little looking and the specularity looks much like the specularity of the body in your reference, so maybe switch that out? Just a thought

Hi, blend1988.

It’s been a while, but I have changed some things:

  • New composition, with another camera angle, and I modeled a bass amplifier too… =D
  • Changed the specularity of the body and neck.

This is the link:

Thanks a lot.


Hey! Finally an update! Ok, well, the logo on the amp stands out too much for me. Plus the pink light or whatever doesnt really appeal to me. But that could be personal preference. Nice update!

Hey, blend1988… =D

Agreed on your opinions about the light and logo. I’ve just done a little postpro in Gimp to correct that:

Cheers, ant thanks a lot! =D