ERØDE / Electric Hot Rod

ERØDE / The Hot Rod spirit electrified. The first Hot Rod pioneers looked to surf and pop culture to inspire their hopped up machines. Today, streetwear and hardware fuel the culture - in turn inspiring us to create a modern interpretation of an electric Hot Rod.

We used Blender exclusively for all 3D modelling, rendering and animation. Using the link and append to share our working files created a fast workflow and ensured we were constantly working within our agreed boundaries while collaborating on the interior and exterior. As both of us come from professional automotive design backgrounds, we can safely say Blender has exceeded our expectations in both ease of modelling/learning curve, and the quality of our finished model and images.

Exterior Design: Jason Battersby
Interior Design: Klaud Wasiak


Wow man this needs to get featured cool work…

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Cheers, Thanks!

Very cool design! I love the hud animation

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Thanks, We used a mix of Blender elements for the map and After effects.