erotic love and ribs

blender and gimp, as usual. Substantial post pro in gimp.

C & C welcome.


theres nothing to coment on… as i can see all u did was take a uvspheare and deleted all faces exept one line from the top down to the botom and copied it and rotated it a few times while duping it…

nothing special aobut this… at least to me (maybe i fail to see something about this?)

well, he put a lot more work into it than just that.

but you don’t really see that do you ?

maybe you should spend some more time using some of the software he used and realized that it was a little more complicated than that…

A work (of art) should never be about “how much work…” or “the software he used…”, no matter how abstract or ‘easy made’ the work is.

So nehpets, I would say your reply on vitaliy’s comment isn’t really valid. But the same goes for vitaliy’s comment itself.

It should be about the artist using his work to deliver a message. It’s about communication. The problem with abstract and conceptual art is that the message isn’t always understood, or received, by the viewer. When this happens, the only things that remains for the viewer to see, are technics, methods, materials and so on (many times resulting in: “all you did was this and that…”).

So I do understand vitaliy’s comment.

block01cube, it’s just that it sometimes feels like the titles you give your work are (randomly) picked after creating something, with you not knowing where the work was going during the creation process.
I could be totally wrong of course, and perhaps you had your vision of the work from beginning to end. But the fact that I can’t see/feel this, makes your work become a form of banality for me.

I’m sorry if I am being to direct, and if I didn’t use the words correctly. Though I do very much enjoy the visual aspects of some of your works (sorry, not this one), I hope in the future I can see some of your visions more integrated in your work. Delivering your message.


And yeah, maybe it’s just me…

Hard to comment on since there’s no context at all. There can be context even if it is abstract. The image itself isn’t all that impressive, but it might be more interesting if you gave a bit more info on the theme or point you were working towards. Is it about someone who likes beef more than necessary? The populations tendency to overeat? Cow porn?

i am not very impressed with the 3d work itself. i think it is a bit empty and details, lol the beef is missing.

anyway what i find very interesting is the title of that piece. the mood of the title together with the mood of the image are very thought provoking.

but it seems that the artwork itself doesnt want to go into any direction.
that is what i am missing.

Makes me think of tropical kind bushes - yknow the oens with the really lonbg thin leaves ?

Though i am a fan of most of your abstract work, i’m not very impressed by this one… maybe i don’t get the point, or al my beauty neurons have gone blank…
this doesn’t look erotic to me… more like a dead whale :wink:
though I’m sure some people also have a fetish for that :smiley:

vitaliy: There are actually no spheres in the image. The modelling part (or I guess phase or stage) of the project was created using arrays.

nehpets: Yeah, there was substantially more work than that :).

Sago: Thanks for putting in the time to write a thoughtful post. I’m going to try to resist the urge to enter the “what is art” debate, and instead say this: I think it is apparent that there are different people who have different ideas about what art is. Also, it seems to be apparent that some of these people think that their concepts are correct, and that other people’s concepts concerning art are incorrect, wrong, or invalid. Whatever the reason, I think it’s also apparent that this is art, for me. Whatever other discussion takes place, that (that this is art for me) is.

Fade: Cow porn! ROFLMAO! I hadn’t thought of that before.

cekuhnen: Oh no… The cow jokes are neverending ;). “Seems as if the artwork itself doesn’t want to go anywhere”–interesting. That really enriches my thoughts.

Dwarfose: I think I know the kind you mean. Lol, that was an interesting thought, considering it has just snowed a lot where I live.

wah_tak: Beef… Whales… Oh man. Now I’m hungry :P.