Err...can't find the Blender folder in Kubuntu

I’m in Kubuntu (Hardy Heron), and I installed Blender 2.45 through Synaptic. I want to put a script in, but I can’t even find the .blender folder.
It is NOT in home/myuser/ for me.
Where is it?

Perhaps you would like to install 2.47 from tarball instead. You only have to unpack it to any directory you want (home maybe?), and start blender from there. You’ll get all the fixes and features that have been done since 2.45.



Thanks for the reply, but what you suggested requires me to compile it, which I don’t really know how to do correctly. All I want to do is know where my blender 2.45 folder installed from Synaptic is supposed to be.

No, no, just download, extract and double click the blue blender file.
Download, right click on it and choose extract here, then open and it runs.

.blender is a hidden folder. Open the file manager, hit CTRL+H and they will show, then scroll down to the .blender folder.

The one from Synaptic will be in the menus. Look under Applications => Graphics

If you prefer to have it installed you can also download 2.47 as a .deb from, but, what jesterKing said really.