err im stuck ^^;

i am a total noob ^^;
so i have made an animation on blender but i dont know what to do next what steps to i have to take and what programs do i have to take to get the final result of being able to playit on a player? (for example vlc)

By “made” I assume you have the keyframes but it hasn’t been rendered yet? Just go into the render settings (F10) and set the animation length to however long your animation is. So if its’ 100 frame ball rolling, under the “anim” tab set it from 1 to 100.

Then change the settings on the right of that (format) to whatever you want it to be. If you have a short animation and just want to play it right away, then there should be a dropdown box in “format” that is set to jpeg right now. Change that to Quicktime, or AVI or whatever other movie format you wish. Then simply hit the big button that say “ANIM”. If it’s a larger animation, then rendering out the images seperately and putting them together in VirutlaDub or something like that is a lot safer.

Once its done rendering you can play your animation.

thank you :slight_smile: