Err - Shape Key sculpting requires a locked shape

New to sculpting/rigging etc but I wanted to try some face sculpting on a Makehuman character I just imported into the latest 2.57 RC2 build but I get the subject error. Is this because the model is already rigged on import? Is there a way to do some sculpting on these models?



It has to do with the fact that the mesh already has shapekeys on it, but I haven’t gone further into it than that because the nice thing about lo-poly models like the MH ones is that you can get very good results by just moving individual vertices around. A little goes a long way here, I’ve found, especially in the face. Use x-mirror and topology mirror mode (in the tool shelf on the left) and your work time will be cut in half. The “Smooth vertices” tool is your friend here as well.

I know that you probably want to play with the sculpting tools and that this “workaround” doesn’t answer your question, but I think in the case of such a lo-poly model, sculpting will be overkill and hard to control.