Erratic Lighting, Please Help!

I have a rather simple problem, but I can’t seem to fix it. From ~7-8 seconds in the video below, the lighting becomes erratic and dissimilar from all the other frames. I have no idea why this is happening, so any help is greatly appreciated!

.Blend file

Problem 1: Video not accessible

Problem 2 - No texture included in your blend file. Pack textures using File / External Data menu before saving your file

NOTE: In an effort to keep the file size low, I had to change the number of particles to 0 for 3 different particle settings (Plane’s “Main” system, and Suzanne’s “Form” and “end” systems). I used 100000 particles for all 3 systems, and you will have to change the particle count to the same number. Sorry for the inconvenience!
Supply a blend file that all anyone has to do is press render rather than having to faff about changing things

Please fix these

All fixed :slight_smile: