Error 95 v1.4

lol i just found this on the internet
its this funny program that generates fake errors and viruses that you can send to your friends tho if you read the read me says you have to send the .err file to a friend but theres no program that can open it maybe you guys can make sence of it. lol anyways it still a funny program



God, that is sooooo funny! Almost scared my parents with it ( :x ).

I like the delay function, too! And the one where it doesn’t return to the menu!

[Devilish laugh…]

Why do that when I can freak out my parents remotely via net send? Or even better, make my own little remote triggered program. Hehehe, sounds fun!

that sounds like a nice visual basic project for my computer science class. i can build a nice alert bomb in a normal project.

Sweetness. 8)