Error ! about using Rigify addon ?!


I have a problem with Rigify addon . (blender 2.68)

This is the error that blender says

I think I might put Incomplete Rigify addon . so Please give me a new link of Rigify .

thanks .

Try using the latest version of blender

It mean blender 2.69 has Rigify but 2.68 has not ???

Both come with rigify as part of the blender download. Maybe there was a bug in 2.68 and it got fixed in 2.69. Always use the latest official version unless you have a specific reason not to. Do you have a specific reason you have to use 2.68 ?

No . but I though that Rigify isn’t a part of Blender .

Thanks . I’ll download 2.69 and check it .

It works thanks a lot