Error: Circular dependency for image "bake output" - while baking images

Hi all,

I am getting that error while trying to make normal maps with Cycles, Blender 2.73a
Does any one know a webpage showing the workflow?
How different is it from the one used with BI?

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Never mind!
I was selecting objs in the wrong sequence
I was supposed to select the high res obj first, then the low res obj.


Actually, after some more testing I found:
This error may not have anything to do with the Blender’s ability to produce the baked map. As after following the correct selection sequence the normal map was done. But the error continued too.


If you have not figured this out already:
Image node representing image you bake to should be disconnected from the node tree (you might have connected it after the first bake to check it’s effect).
If the image is still connected Blender tries to account for the node’s influence and at the same time write new information into the image node refers to; this is so called “circular reference”.
Using BI you have to uncheck baked texture in Texture tab to bake another time.

eppo, you’re correct, though the circular references check is needlessly too restrictive, no needs to state an error when for instance you want to bake vertex paint or displacement or AO maps that are not even used in materials, just because the image you are baking on is in the textures stack.


Well, that would be the same chicken & egg problem - blender draws texture on object-uses image data (if the image is said to do that) and tries to modify it at the same time.

Sometimes that’s not the case, as when you try to bake vertex paint to a displacement map, used on a displace modifier (or not used at all), however you get error.


I haven’t done a lot of different bake permutations but on occasions when Blender spits out such error message newly created image not associated with any mod or used in material texture eliminates this. Let’s say i haven’t run in this yet ;).

Making a long story short, since usually I make use of external engines, whenever I need to bake a textures and I switch to BI or cycles for that, materials don’t even exist, or better, new default materials are created, and just textures are on the UI list, anyhow I always get the circular dependencies error, that’s what I call paranoid.


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I got the same issue and I found that i had multiple materials in a single model so, just check if you are also having multiple materials in a single model then simply apply or replace all materials with a single one or create new and apply to all. And similarly check your high poly mesh for the same and replace all materials with only one material. It worked for me must work for you too :slight_smile:

thank you…

Sorry for resurrecting this but: Oh god… THANK YOU! This was exaclty my problem and it was driving me insane, here!