Error: Corrupted content when accessing Blenderartists with Firefox

When I have tab open with whatever website and type in the blenderartists url I always get the Error: Corrupted Content in Firefox. This is probably something with Cache and Cookies. When I open a new tab with no cookies from another site or so it works every time. But is is very annoying when follwing a link to BA in the same tab and you get an error.
Mozilla says you can reload the site with bypassing the Cache with Ctrl+Shift+R. This works too, but WHY do I have to do this?
Probably because of this new forum software. Btw is there any way to get pages for a thread back?

Been having the same issue. I turned off privacy possum for the site and it works well, but other than that, this is more than likely a Firefox/Firefox addon problem.

The Discourse team addressed this issue; could you please re-test to see if this still happens?

got an email notification, clicked the link in the email, got an error sounding even worse. Errormessage in my FF is in german, but translates to “BA violated the network protocol”.

Funny thing, I closed screwed up the tab, opened BA home in another tab, started typing this, was about to reread the errormessage, clicked the link again and look at that, it works when I have BA already open in another Tab…

Just wanted to report that this works now, thanks @bartv