Error in Blender: Noob To Pro?

I’ve been working my way through the starting parts of Blender: Noob To Pro, but there appears to be something wrong with this section:

When I get to the “add vertices” part, Ctrl+LBM doesn’t create vertices. I checked the user preferences and add vertex is, indeed, set to CTRL+LMB, but no amount of Control-clicking will create a vertex.

There is obviously something overriding the hotkey somewhere, but I don’t know where. If I reload the factory settings, it works, but since I don’t have a 3 button mouse, and it has no scroll wheel, and I finally got the dang thing working, I’m hoping there is some easier way to track the problem down than going through every single custom setting til I find the one I must have accidentally messed up?

Delete three of the four vertices of a plane. With the remaining one selected you can CTRL+LMB to create new ones.
You can also delete all four, and as long as there is an object centre it should still create new verts.

Nope. Doesn’t work. I think when I remapped all the view changing functions to the RMB, and switched the LMB to be my select mouse button, it caused a conflict somewhere…somewhere Ctrl+select Mouse must be defined at some higher level that’s overriding the mesh definition for it.

Now Ctrl-LMB does add vertices on bezier curves…but when I try to invoke the spin tool with Alt+R, nothing happens, no 90% rotation as the Ebook says I should see…maybe the spin tool doesn’t work on Bezier curves?

No ti is a curve and not geometry. Have you tried loading default settings? If you have and the conflict remains, have you tried another build of Blender?

If you want to follow a tutorial, use the settings the tutorial is written for, so reset your keymap to the original default. Also read the tutorial and does what it says. 99% of the time when someone says they have a tutorial and something doesn’t work it comes down to them not actually following what the tutorial says.

Ctrl+LMB works perfectly if you follow what it actually says in the original linked tutorial.

Which I can’t do with the factory settings, not having a 3 button mouse with a scroll wheel. I have to remap the middle button functions to use the program at all.

I’ve tried going through all the mesh settings and removing anything that could even possibly be using CTRL+LMB (Control Action Mouse, Control Select Mouse) and adding the Add Vertex command there with CTRL+LMB, but so far it’s not working. (Is the mesh Add Vertex different than the curve one? It should be, since they’re different items…)

There doesn’t seem to be a mesh.Vertex_add like there is a curve.vertex_add…

… which brings to another heading- How to be ok with 2-button mouse…There is an option in user preferences Input - Emulate 3-button mouse. Never had one with less than 3 (in last 5 years at least), so can’t really comment on that [option’s usability], but you could try.

Tried it before…the main problem I have with it is that you have to keep holding down the alt key to do the MMB functions, and I’m used to using RMB to orbit/zoom/pan from long practice. Also, it doesn’t compensate for having no mouse wheel. and with the RMB no longer usable for select, I have to use the LMB for select, and THAT is what apparently messes up the vertex add and spin tool. but for the life of me I can’t figure out what to tweak to get vertex add working again (I can click the button for the spin tool, but adding vertices not so much.

Change the way you work or buy a $5 mouse?